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Did You Know | Common Cycling Rules in the UAE

Hey… all you hardcore enthusiasts and the ones riding for leisure in UAE, your community is stupendously bustling and growing!

Dubai, the place known for its fast cars, is seeing a new inclination of its people towards cycling. The country is piously pushing the initiative of converting its areas to make them accessible to road bikes. From casual cycling to competitive racing, UAE has a plethora of options when it comes to cycling in Emirates.

As more and more people are becoming cyclists, the government in UAE is continually pushing stringent laws to make cycling safe and convenient. In light of this, we have penned the cycling rules that bikers must follow in the UAE while pedaling around the city or through the rugged desert trails.

Let’s pedal through the common cycling rules that you must follow while riding bikes in the UAE.

Common Cycling laws in UAE

While riding a cycle in the UAE you need not own a license, but here are some cycling rules that you must abide by and be aware of, like all the other traffic control and violation rules.

common cycling laws in the UAE

Here are all the biking rules in the UAE you must adhere to and practice:

  • Cycle components

According to Article 35 of Federal law, all the bikers must ensure that their cycles are equipped with a headlight, a red rear light, and a rear reflector.

  • Lanes and tracks

Article 16; the law says that bikers must remain on the road's right side while riding and must not bring their cycles on pavements. Furthermore, cyclists must keep in mind that if they have been designated a cycle track, they must stick to it and not leave unless it is absolutely mandatory. Also, bikers must ensure to ride in a single line, one after the other.

Quick fact: There are a galore of cycle tracks in the UAE, with Al Qudra Cycle Track being one of the most famous tracks where cyclists can enjoy biking freely and safely.

  • Wearing helmet

The most imperative cycling rule that you and we all must swear by is wearing a helmet while heading for biking. This safety precaution is mandatory by law and can put you in serious legal complications. For the best cycling helmet and other sports gear, go to our equipment shop.

  • The assistance of motor vehicles

Cyclists should keep in mind that you are not allowed to take any kind of automobile assistance for dragging or pulling your cycles. The only case in which you are allowed to do this is when you drag the bike to get it fitted and fixed.

  • Holding the steering rod

According to Article 17, riding a bike without holding the steering rod is prohibited and makes you liable for a fine.

  • Endangering the public

All cyclists must be very particular to ride their bike with an eagle's eye, not only for your safety but also others' safety on the road. This means zigzag biking or riding in the way of pedestrians are huge offenses to avoid. Every kind of dangerous biking move on the road is highly prohibited.

  • Cycling speed

While riding a bike in the UAE, you must be very cautious about the speed limits. You must ride within the maximum speed limit to not get into any kind of legal complications.

Safety tips for cycling

You must take care of the following safety guidelines for cycling in the UAE:

  • Wear a protective helmet even for short-distance cycling
  • Carry sunglasses while biking in the day
  • Be cautious while on the road and stay alert
  • Avoid riding at night
  • Always obey every traffic sign and signals
  • Biker in a reflective vest at night
  • Refrain from acrobatics or dangerous moves while riding
  • Ride in the right lane
  • Place both feet on pedals
  • If you are biking as a group, ride in a single file

Now, that you aware of all the safety guidelines in UAE, here’s a quick sneak peek at all the cycling fines that you are liable to pay if you won’t follow the rules:



Riding bikes on walking and jogging tracks

AED 200


AED 600

Riding in an undesignated lane

AED 300

Endangering lives of the rider or the public

AED 300

Must have biking safety gear


As mentioned above, riding bicycles without a helmet is like ringing the doorbell of a problem. Thus, do carry this protective gear for your head. Pick the helmet that suits you the best.

For the blistering heat and rugged desert trails, ARO3 is a perfectly engineered helmet offering complete ventilation that helps you remain cool throughout your venture. In addition, the helmet has an embedded integrated eyewear dock that securely keeps your shades, allowing easy and quick access.


  • Soft textile feel and flexibility
  • TX1 lace
  • X-Static harnesses
  • Powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric
  • MIPS brain protection system
  • Low friction layer to reduce rotational motion

Another cycling accessories is helmets that offer incredible safety whether you are commuting through the city or the adventurous desert trails. Embedded with an array of ultimate features, the helmet is a wise investment. Additionally, the LED light increases visibility in low light conditions.


  • Speed pedelec and e-bike use certified
  • Magnetic panoramic lens
  • Secure lens docking
  • Eye protection against wind and debris
  • Easy to adjust advanced turn fit system
  • Lock hole to secure your helmet together with your bike
  • The rechargeable rear LED light


Different from the usual road gloves, biking gloves are designed specifically keeping in mind bike riders' safety. They cover your fingers and thumbs, giving you protection against any kind of hand injury.


The perfect investment for the biking trail. Built from featherweight materials, these gloves are highly lightweight, giving you a great advantage during your adventure. The key highlight of these gloves are the fade-resistant sublimated graphics that keep the product looking fresh, and the slip-on opening keeps everything simple.


  • Microfiber thumb
  • Perforated single-layer Clarino palm
  • Silicone-printed palm and finger graphics
  • Comfortable and ultra-lightweight
  • Mesh finger gussets

A glove that has it all! From biking to hiking, the gloves offer great protection to your hands. Designed using the latest GORE-TEX technology, the gloves are known for their high-quality material, making the gloves a perfect purchase.


  • Stretch gloves
  • Molded fit that mimics hands
  • Excellent tactility & natural dexterity
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Silicone grip on palm
  • Brushed lining
  • Windproof


The next safety gear to swear by while riding a bike is glasses. Glasses are not just a protection against sunlight but also give you protection against debris on the trails. Downhill and freeride bikers depend on goggles to remain fully protected.

Lightweight and flexible, these sunglasses include HD lenses designed from impact-resistant polycarbonate materials. They are embedded with standout features and a performance-enabling design that make them a perfect pick.


  • 100% UV protection (UV400)
  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic lens treatment
  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight TR90 frame
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Hard coated scratch-resistant lens
  • Additional lens ventilation

Another purchase to make in sunglasses are these incredible single lens mirror sunglasses by Speedcraft. It is embedded with 360-degree visibility accompanied by incredible cylindrical shield features in the riding position.

The combination of ultra-grip rubber nose and temple pieces offers all-day comfort. With an array of ultimate features, the sunglasses offer uncompromising fit and ultimate performance paired with aggressive futuristic styling.


  • Optically correct decentered six spherical base shield
  • 100% UV protection
  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight TR90 frame
  • Three-way adjustable temple tips
  • Secure and comfortable fit

Body armors and pads

Another very important piece of safety equipment for biking is protective pads and guards. Thus, you must swear by quality pads and armors to protect yourself against sudden crashes and accidents during biking. If you want to be sure that your knees and elbows will be protected, consider wearing neoprene sleeves.

Protective Kit

A perfect pick that gives impeccable support and protection to wrists, knees, and elbows! Globber Protective Adult Pad Set is designed specifically to be highly lightweight and offer immense flexibility. You can get these pads in both medium and large sizes.


  • Thick cushion on the inside
  • Flexible
  • Velcro straps

Navigation device

Navigation devices should never be off from your biking safety gear checklist. You must have a complete backup of a good quality GPS tracker, a navigation map that will help you monitor your progress and get insights regarding directions. Most premade mapping systems or internet downloaded maps are used for this feature.

Lezyne Mega XL Gps

An ultimate designed and engineered for offering premium GPS technology embedded with bluetooth Smart, ANT enabled power meters, heart rate monitors and speed/cadence sensors. Equipped with GPS/GLONASS, you can connect this GPS with iOS or Android and easily carry through your journey. The key highlight of this GPS is Live tracking that can be activated in the app that will help your friends and family to trace your rides in real-time.


  • 240x400 high-resolution screen
  • Horizontal and vertical screening
  • On-screen preloaded maps
  • Best-in class battery runtime for 48 hours

Garmin Foretrex 601 Gps Ww

Durable and constructed with military standards, this GPS by Garmin is designed to offer night vision compatibility. It is a perfect purchase providing accurate positioning and works highly well with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems. With the Applied Ballistics Elite Software you can effectively calculate aiming solutions for long range shooting.


  • More than 48 hours of batter life
  • Includes 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis compass and a barometric altimeter
  • Highly durable and portable

We hope you will abide by these traffic rules while heading for biking in the UAE. Also, don't forget to have a completed backup of all the bike safety gears and accessories for a safe journey. And there is no better place than Adventure HQ to get the best bike safety gears and accessories.

Have a safe and sound adventure with Adventure HQ!

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