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The Difference Between Grilling and BBQ

There is often confusion between barbecue and grilling among many people. While both methods cook excellent meat, their flavours are vastly different. As opposed to grilling, barbecue involves slowly cooking meat, which allows it to be used for tougher meats.

With grilling, you cook the meat using a higher temperature and for a shorter period. It doesn't matter what method you use to prepare a meal, though barbecuing offers a smoky, rich flavour.

Anyways, both of them are best in their way. Continue reading the blog to get a complete understanding of grilling vs bbq.

What is BBQ?

In the context of BBQ, the big and fattier pieces of meat are prepared. It can be anything from pork shoulder, ribs, or even a whole chicken. Select meats that are not too tender and have been marinated.

What is grilling?

Meanwhile, grilling is one of the most common household activities. During the busy week, families often opt to prepare meat using this method since it is faster.

Consequently, grilling is often described as an extremely fast method of cooking. In a grilling session, the temperature tends to range between 450 and 550 degrees.

During grilling, you must place the meat directly in flames. You prepare food with direct heat over a charcoal BBQ grill or a gas grill. When grilling, there is less smoke produced than when barbecuing.

Grilling yields the same naturally moist taste as barbecuing but without a smoky flavour. Rubs, marinades, or sauces can be added to meat to heighten the flavour.

You can marinate the meat beforehand if you want to season your grilling with rubs or spices. To achieve the desired taste and texture, you can also apply sauce towards the end of the cooking process.

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Best foods to grill

There are several foods you can grill. It is better to cook smaller pieces of meat, such as hamburgers, chicken, steaks, etc. Grilling is still an option for thick cuts of meat, like fillet mignons and ribeyes. 

Grilling meats is easier with tender meats because they cook faster and are less likely to dry out. It's also a good method for cooking sweet and flavorful vegetables since grilling brings out their natural sweetness and flavour.

Significant differences between Grilling and BBQ

Here, we will cover all significant differences between grilling and BBQ

  • Heat: Among the significant differences between BBQ and Grilling is the amount of heat involved.

︎Grilling is a high, direct heat method.

Either a gas grill or a grill grate lit with glowing charcoal emits high temperatures directly below their cooking surface. Due to the limited flow of heat, turning the meat over will help in cooking evenly. Radiation and conduction are both direct forms of heat transfer that cook meat.

︎BBQ is a low and slow, indirect heat cooking method.

Coals or flames are the sources of heat that are used to indirectly cook the meat. Cooking takes place with the lid closed, which allows ambient heat to circulate and cook the meat through convection. Cooking temperatures range from 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (93 to 149 degrees Celsius). 

  • Types of meat: Cooking different cuts of meat requires differing amounts of heat.


Outdoor charcoal grill are best suited to small cuts of meat that are naturally tender since the heat will cook the meat quickly. Suitable for fast cooking are steaks, chops, chicken breasts, and seafood.


BBQ cooking is best suited to cuts of meat that have a large amount of connective tissue and are tough and sinewy. A traditional BBQ involves turning tough meat into an exquisitely tender, succulent masterpiece. Meats such as pork shoulder, brisket, and ribs work well with this cooking method.

  • Time: Different cuts of meat require different temperatures to cook, they also require different cooking times.


Grilling at high temperatures rapidly raises the meat's internal temperature to its doneness characteristics. An average grilling time is 15-20 minutes. Therefore, it is best to grill meat that is small enough to cook thoroughly in a short amount of time and be naturally tender. The slow and low cooking method is best for meats that contain a high amount of connective tissue and tough protein. Grilled steaks, chops, chicken pieces, seafood fillets, hamburgers, and vegetables are examples of items that are well-suited to grilling.


Barbecues have lower temperatures and indirect heat sources that take longer to circulate and transfer heat through the meat. Typical cooking time is 2 hours, and up-and can take up to 18 Tri-Tip. Stick hours vary based on the size and thickness of the meat.

The temperature must be raised for some time since the connective tissues (like collagen) in harder cuts take longer to dissolve.

It takes hours for collagen to break down once it reaches 160-170°F (71-77°C). Cooking these tougher cuts at a low-and-slow pace over indirect heat will allow them to unwind their connective tissues properly. As the connective tissues unravel, they become silky smooth gelatin, making for a delicious meal.

  • Smoke: Smokey Flavor develops over time. 


In grilling, no smoke is used. High temperatures, not significant smoke, cause flare-ups from a grill. It can be used for grill-roasting, a hybrid method of cooking.


BBQ always involves smoke. Using chips and chunks of wood at low temperatures (200-300°F or 93-149°C) provides a savory smoke over a prolonged period. Each person has a different preference for the type of wood they use.

So if you are having difficulty choosing the best piece to cook the best meat and add a feeling of deliciousness to your dinner then Adventure HQ, a reliable partner, has covered your charcoal bbq and grilling needs.

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