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Dos and Don'ts of Grilling Safety

Steak sizzling, family chilling and the aroma of grilling vegetables are the perfect picture of a backyard barbecue.

Though, nothing spoils a good family barbecue more than a fire or somebody getting hurt. The start of a barbecue season should be about fresh hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill – not memories of burns that you want to forget.

That's why we have put together grilling safety tips for you. So don't burn down your house or hurt your loved one. Be cautious and responsible towards your charcoal grill safety. 

Freshen up your grilling knowledge with the dos and don'ts of BBQ grill safety. Take them as the "cliff notes" for your next outdoor cooking!


Do's of grilling safety

Clean your grill regularly

Grilling season is in full force! As you use your charcoal grill more often, it's crucial to keep it clean. Why? 

Barbecuing regularly can cause grease to build upon the grill plates. If not cleaned, the build-up can act as fuel and catch the fire while the grill is in use. Therefore, properly clean your grill after each use with a grill brush. Also, empty the grease tray when it begins to fill up. 

Your safety is in your hands, so don't take it lightly.

Place your grill away from your home

Don't place your barbecue grill anywhere near your home, as it can pose a severe fire hazard.

People often make the mistake of placing barbecue grills just outside the back door or on the back deck against a railing. Unfortunately, any combustible material that surrounds your BBQ grill can easily catch fire. 

Though it doesn't matter which type of grill you use, it should always be placed far from your house. Farther is even better for your grill's safety. We recommend placing your BBQ charcoal grill at least ten feet away from your home. 

Keep decorations away from your grill

Decorations like hanging baskets, pillows, or umbrellas look pretty. Though, it can also provide fuel for fire.

To make the situation worse, today's decor is mostly made of artificial fibers that can burn fast. Thus, aggravating the risk of fire hazards. 

Therefore, you should keep these decorations away from your BBQ charcoal grill. 

Check for the gas leaks

Checking for gas leaks is vital for your BBQ grill safety!

You should also ensure that no gas is leaking from your charcoal grill. Besides, you can do this by making a solution of half-liquid dish soap and half water. Then, rubbing it on the hoses and connections. 

Then turn on the gas. If the soap forms large bubbles, there is a sign that hoses have tiny holes or the connections are not so tight. 

Keep a handy water spray bottle

It's natural for your grills to flare up as fat drips from the meat as it cooks. However, it can cause a section of the grill to remain on fire as it burns away. So always keep a handy spray bottle with you. The water spray bottle can extinguish the smaller flames before they spread.

If you notice a minor flare-up, you can spray it with water to instantly calm it down. The bonus of this tip is that the water won't harm your food, so the dinner won't be ruined. 


Always keep a fire extinguisher close by

Since grilling involves fires, there is always a risk of minor or significant flare-ups. A fire extinguisher could come to your rescue in case a fire breaks out. 

Fire extinguishers would help in case of significant flare-ups and when the fire gets out of control.

It's not only about having a fire extinguisher, you should also know how to use it. However, if you are unsure how to use the extinguishers, don't waste a minute and call firefighters immediately.

Drink responsibly

How quickly and wisely do you respond to sudden emergencies? Well, not so quickly if you have had too many adult beverages. 

So while beer with barbecue food seems like a classic combo, you should keep your alcohol consumption moderate. So that you can make your and your guest's safety a top priority.

Turn Off Propane and Wait for Coals to Cool

When you are ready to finish the grilling, always make sure to turn off your barbecue and propane. 

Moreover, if you are using coal, make sure the briquettes have cooled down. Only dispose of them in a metal trash can after they have properly cooled down. 

Don'ts of grilling safety

Don't use BBQ grill indoor

Don't ever think to use BBQ grills indoors. However, if rain threatens, you might feel tempted to move your BBQ in the garage or even under the overhang. 

Ignore this urge because this is the most dangerous thing you can do, especially if you are using propane as this type of gas builds up quickly and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. In certain cases, it can also lead to deadly explosions.  

The best advice would be to avoid using BBQ grills indoors. 

Don't grill too much food at once

You may feel tempted to pack the grill full of food, but flare-ups can occur if too much fat drips onto the grill's flames. So instead, cook your food into batches to avoid overloading the grill. 

Grilling small batches at a time can give a much better taste to the food. 

bbq grill

Don't involve water to fight a grease fire

Fighting a grease fire is not a child's play. Don't make the mistake of squirting water on the flare-ups.

Attempting to fight a grease fire with water can cause flames to flare even more. Thus, spreading the fire quickly. 

The safety tip you can follow here is to use a fire extinguisher if you know how to use it. However, if the fire is unmanageable, don't waste a minute to call the firefighters. 

Don't overload your grill with fluid

This one safety tip is often ignored by most people. You should never overload your grill with fluid, especially with fatty meats. 

The basic reason behind this tip is that if too much fat drips on the flames, it can cause large flare-ups. Thus, turning your meat into toast. 

Don't leave a grill unattended

One of the most important things for barbecue grill safety comes down to close monitoring and prevention.

Fire can double in size every minute, so you should plan your household chores accordingly. Never leave your barbecue, and make sure there is always an adult available to standby if you are going for a quick break. 

Another important thing to consider is to keep your kids away from the charcoal BBQ grill, especially if an adult is not present there.

Don't wear loose clothes while grilling

Never do this. Baggy or loose-fitting clothes can dangle over the grill and cause a fire. 

Also, make sure to tuck away or remove clothing items like shirts, sleeves, or apron slings while grilling. 

So keep these barbecue safety tips in mind before you fire up your outdoor charcoal grill or toss any meat onto it.

There is no denying that charcoal grills are the primary tools for any backyard griller. So choosing the right charcoal grill can either make or break your grilling experience. 

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