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The Ultimate Guide To Buy Your First Mountain Bike

Whether you are new to buying a mountain bike or a road rider seeking off-road thrills, knowing what to look for when buying a mountain bike is important to you.

With so many mountain bike types available, not to mention the confusion of terminology and technology, it can be difficult to decide which bike is right for you.

With every passing year, mountain biking technology is evolving, making the old mountain biking standards outdated. There is always more jargon on the mountain bike market, and that makes it a confusing place, even for seasoned riders.

We've put together a mountain bike guide to help you buy your first mountain bike.

  • Get the right size

First and foremost, choosing the right size is important when looking to buy a mountain bike online for the first time. In any case, you shouldn't look solely at the size stated in the description. For example, many models have shrinking seat tubes with longer frames.

It is important to find the right mountain bike size for you. There are certain features to look for to ensure that it is the right fit. First, you need to measure the distance between the saddle and bars.

Next, you need to check how far the crank center is from the mid-head tube. Unlike a road bike, your mountain bike must cover a longer distance with no issues compared to the road bike.

  • Pick a suitable wheel size

Getting the right size mountain bike is the first step, but the next is to check the wheel size. MTB wheels usually come in two sizes: 27.5in (for downhill and trails) or 29in (for trails and XC).

It is apparent that 29 MTB products are going to gain popularity in the coming years due to their lightweight and strong design. Whatever wheel size you need, you can choose. However, you should remember that bigger hoops are most appropriate for riders who ride a lot, while smaller ones are perfect for trail-slaying.

The plus sizes are very helpful for hardtails, but the tire pressure can be sensitive. This should be considered before you make your final decision.

  • Opt for a hardtail or full suspension

Having full suspension will cost you more since you need to buy rear suspension, bearings, and additional manufacturing components. As a result, hardtails are likely to have better specs than full-suspension while costing the same. Maintenance also requires less efforts and you will have fewer minor problems to deal with. It is a huge advantage for new mountain bike riders.

  • Don’t obsess about a bike’s weight

Weight is key to a bike's performance. Off-road and mountain bikes require greater strength. Having a flimsy frame can significantly decrease your speed due to the rocks, roots, and trails you may encounter.

To improve your steering accuracy and boost your confidence, make sure the bike you choose is heavy and sturdy enough. It is not necessary to obsess about your weight. A strong and sturdy frame requires all the parts rigid and strong.

  • Beware of the flashy added components

Beware of a beautiful derailleur. While this is true, you will also find that these parts have a higher chance of boosting bike sales. In addition to a good derailleur, cranksets and shifters are also vital.

Poor-quality materials will make them quite heavy and rudimentary, and it is not worth spending more on them. As an alternative, you could take future upgrades into account.

  • Focus on suspension quality

As a next step, you should check the suspension and forks. It's possible to find the precise models on the manufacturer's website. When you buy them from similar aftermarket units, it is completely normal that they won't be the same as original equipment--usually lower. Invest in mountain bikes having an air spring of high quality.

  • Give priority to the future-proof design

It is not a good idea to invest a large amount of money into your first mountain bike, only for it to become an outdated model. For example, look at the current shaft diameter, the lower bracket, and the seat-post diameter. They are gradually becoming smaller.

Consider the mountain bike trends of the present and the ones to come to keep up with the biking trends. This will allow you to use your mountain bike for a longer time.

  • Don’t spend all your money

It is not just the bike you will need to invest in when selecting a mountain bike. You will need more gear as well. Because of this, you shouldn't spend your entire budget.

If you want to purchase accessories for your bike, you can go for a helmet, backpack, glasses, front or rear lights, an extra bottle holder, etc.

Different Types of Mountain Bikes

Nowadays with the growing competition, a large number of retailers have entered the market and are supplying Mountain bikes in Dubai. In this case, finding the right retailer is usually the difficult part.

Well, to meet all your needs, Adventure HQ brings up a wide selection of mountain bikes in UAE. Browse through our bike collection to check some top mountain bikes and choose as per your convenience.

Final thoughts

Hope through this post we should have clarified all your concerns related to buying your first mountain bike. Our goal at Adventure HQ is to satisfy all your mountain bike needs.

We offer mountain bikes at affordable prices in UAE that anyone can go for it. As a leading retailer of mountain bikes in UAE, we have been helping you meet all your adventure-related needs for years.

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