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Hacks and tips for your next beach trip

Trips to the beach can be enormous fun, especially when it's a trip to the beaches in UAE. Many of the beaches are aimed at moving towards the status of “blue flag” and are rapidly becoming a premier destination and reason to visit UAE beaches.

Making memories with friends and family is priceless and enjoying relaxation and recreational time is something we all need.

However, when you're not prepared, a beach trip, well, is no day at the beach. To avoid disaster and ensure your next sand and surf trip is the best it can ever be, these 13 beach tips and hacks are invaluable.

When you're packing for your trip and looking at where you're going to stay, consider these tips:

  1. Carry a sand-free beach bag. Sand is so much fun when you're at the beach. However, it's a huge annoyance when you get home and find that it's covered virtually everything you own. Try getting a mesh tote bag for carrying your things. Just give it a few shakes at the end of the day, and the sand will fall out.
  1. In case the bugs are out pack some insect repellant. Getting bitten by insects and sand fleas is no picnic.
  1. Add a flotation device (or cork) to your keys. This is a great way to ensure your keys don't sink to the bottom of the ocean's floor if you accidentally drop them. 
  1. Learn how to identify rip currents. You can learn to spot a rip current by looking for a break in the incoming wave pattern, a line of debris, seaweed or foam steadily moving seaward, a channel of choppy, churning water or a notable difference in water color in a specific area.

According Lifesaving Association, the annual number of fatalities due to rip currents on beaches is over 100, so it's imperative to be aware of this natural threat.

Learn how to avoid and get out of rip currents. It's good practice to only swim as beaches with lifeguard protection and obey all their orders and instructions. If you do get caught in a rip current, remain calm and don't fight the current. Instead, start swimming parallel to shore, and once you are out of the current, start swimming toward the shoreline. If this isn't possible, float or tread water. If this still doesn't work, wave and yell for help. Similarly, if you see someone in trouble, get the lifeguard immediately. Never jump in to save the person yourself.

  1. Use reusable biodegradable bags some of them these days are rather fashionable. Also bring plastic bags although it’s not good for the environment you can use this dump your trash.
  1. Pack lunches separately. Pack lots of small lunch containers. When you bring lots of food in separate containers, if one sandwich falls onto the sand, you will only lose that sandwich, and not the whole lot.
  1. Keep a dust broom in the car. Buy a soft-bristled dust broom from any hardware store and keep it for brushing down any last sand from your body, clothes and footwear before you set off for the drive home.
  1. Bring along any medications your family need. Remember to bring along any medications you or your family need, such as asthma inhalers, etc. It's imperative you don't forget to bring any important medications due to being overly focused on your beach preparations. You don't want to have a medical emergency while you're away from home.
  1. Wear flip flops or water shoes in the water. To minimize the likelihood of getting cuts and grazes on your feet, wear flip flops or water shoes when walking along a stony shore.
  1. Bring a water facial spray bottle along with you. This will refresh your skin when it's feeling a little jaded by the sun.
  1. Bring a yoga mat. If you value your comfort, lie on a yoga mat instead of a towel to enjoy its waterproof and cushioned comfort.
  1. Use lip balm. The sun, heat and saltwater at the beach can dry your lips out, so ensure you regularly apply a lip balm containing SPF sun protection.
  1. Bring along your own homemade green tea face mist. Simply steep a green tea bag in a cup of cold water for a few hours, decant into a bottle and add some ice. This will refresh and cool your skin, and the antioxidants in the tea will also do you good. You can spray this on any area of your body, too — not just your face.

Going to the Beach with Kids 

Many of us have wonderful childhood memories of long summer days at the shore, and these times can be even more magical by knowing a list of beach trip tricks and hacks that work. As well as getting to the beach early so you have lots of playtime with your kids, you also need to keep the following in mind:

  • Take a wash sponge and cold water. If your kids get too hot, all they need to do is wet the sponge to cool down.
  • Freeze water balloons. For a fun twist on freezing water bottles to keep your food cool, freeze water balloons instead, and when they thaw out, you can have a sure-to-be-fun water balloon fight!
  • Bring a beach tent. Pop-up beach tents or shelters are perfect for when your little ones need some time out to rest. They're also ideal for keeping them out of the way of the elements. Too much sun, heat and wind can make babies (and adults) very cranky, so bringing along your own little safe area where everyone can rest, and recharge is something you shouldn't forget under any circumstances.
  • Bring along a washable cuddle toy. If you have young kids who still need to take naps, they'll settle far better for a sleep in the beach tent if you bring along their favorite stuffed animal or soft blanket from home.
  • Plan for extra-hungry and thirsty kids. Enjoying playing on the beach is hungry, as well as thirsty, "work". It's important to bring along as much sustenance as possible for your children. Frozen juice cartons make awesome slushies once they start thawing. You'll also want to pack up your cooler with water and lots of healthy snacks like cheese sticks, apples, sliced oranges and grapes. Remember that your kids will likely make friends at the beach, too, so bring extra.
  • Pack your baby's necessities. Ensure you bring along more diapers than you think you'll need, as well as baby formula, water, a pacifier and so on. Even though you probably want to travel light, you'll always need more than you think you will when you've got baby with you. Remember also to bring adequate sunscreen for baby's skin, as well as a sun hat and a few tee shirts to protect their delicate skin from the sun's rays.
  • Plan your haul. Especially if there are only one or two adults in your party and lots of kids, it's imperative to figure out how to get all your group's belongings from the car to the sand with the minimum amount of fuss. It's a good idea to purchase a rolling cart.
  • Stay aware of waves. We all know that the best sand for making sandcastles is down by the ocean. However, be aware that little children can easily be swept away by waves that can creep up to the shore. Always stay with your kids when they're anywhere near the water.
  • Stay close to the lifeguard. When choosing your spot for the day, pick one near the lifeguard so if your kids get lost, they'll have a marker to find you.
  • Make a shell necklace. Often seashells have natural holes in them, so bring some colorful thread. See if you and your kids can find some of those shells, and string them on your thread. Tie a knot before and after each shell to keep them in place. Then, tie the ends together, and it's ready to wear. and you have a nifty and inexpensive souvenir.
  • Encourage your children to be themselves. Once they reach the beach, encourage your children to just do what comes naturally and to have fun. Being out in nature is soul-affirming and liberating, especially for city kids, who rarely see the ocean. Just keep a watch over your little ones, and enjoy seeing them playing outdoors, rather than in their bedrooms on their games consoles or tablets.

Sunscreen and Sunburn Tips and Hacks  

We all know of the importance of wearing a sunscreen whenever we're outside, as well as reapplying it frequently. However, it's easy to get burned, even if you think you're doing all the right things. In cases of severe sunburn, that causes pain and discomfort.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, an estimated 90 percent of skin aging is caused by the sun.

If your sunburn is minor, here are a few sunburn hacks that will help you soothe that pain and burn, as well as prevent your skin from peeling

  1. Chill your sunscreen. Keep your sunscreen in the cooler. That way, when you apply (and reapply), you'll help to cool down your body, too.
  2. Know when to apply and reapply sunscreen roughly between 30min and 2 hours. Remember to apply sunscreen on sunless days, too, because as much as 40 percent of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays reaches our planet even on a totally cloudy day.
  3. Bring after sun lotion with Aloe-Vera. You can even apply plain Greek yogurt to your skin if sunburned allow it to stand for 10 minutes then wipe of gently with a damp cloth. You can also apply raw homey it will help for a while and is a natural antiseptic
  4. Bring some loose clothing. Ensure you wear loose clothing on your way home from the beach in case you have been sunburned and your clothes are exacerbating your red, tender and sore skin.
  5. Lay a baby wipe over your skin. You should always have baby wipes in your arsenal of beach gear, and all you need to do is to lay one over your sunburned skin for a few minutes to cool your sunburn temporarily.

 A day at the beach can be so much fun for your entire family. Yes, it's no doubt taken a great deal of planning and preparation to get you and your family to the beach, but don't lose site of the fact that you're there to relax and to enjoy yourself. Release your inner child and delight in the feeling of freedom you will gain from the experience.Building sandcastles is not only fun for kids,it's entertaining for adults, too!

By being aware of all the hacks and tips for visiting the beach, you can turn a good time into a great time. Ready?Start planning your next beach trip.

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