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Hiking For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

Hiking For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

Hiking is an escape from the din and noise of the city life! Those who find nature alluring, hiking is the most prominent venture that will take you to long distances on foot. You get to explore the lush green forests, serene views, never ending wilderness of mother Earth and so much more. 

This idea of exploring the mesmerizing beauty of nature through must have toyed everyone's mind. However, pursuing this idea of thrill and adventure seems intimidating and fascinating both for beginners. The first-ever hiking trail brings a plethora of questions related to hiking. 

Wiping out all your worries, we have come up with a comprehensive guide to hiking for beginners penning down every bit of information that is going to help you. From the day you decide to hike till the return date, we have jotted every hiking tip, hiking gear, and accessory that is essential. 

Let's just dive into it!

How To Pick The Right Hiking Trail? 

Now that you have decided to explore the beauty of nature's lap while hiking, the very first thing to plan is where to go for a hiking trail?

Here's a short number of steps that you can follow in choosing your place for hiking:

  • Begin your hunt of finding the hiking trail on Google, or you can refer family or friends who have been to places. However, if books are your thing, you can find an appropriate hiking trail from there as well. Along with knowing the ins and outs of hiking trails, you should gather every bit of information, including distance, weather, trail difficulty, water sources, elevation gain, and other trail features. 
  • Being a beginner, go for hiking trails encompassing 5 miles or less distance. This may make your hiking experience tedious rather than memorable and fun. Don't go to hiking trails that have climbing if that is not your cup of tea. 
  • Deciding on how long you want to hike is crucial in choosing the hiking trail. 
  • Shortlist some places and then contact the locals of the picked hiking trails to know the updated conditions of these trails. 

At last, after you become familiar with the hiking trails, cut them short and choose one that fits your checklist and has all your bucket list features. 

Pro Tip: Don't rush finding the hiking trail because it may end you in a disappointing experience. Be thorough and familiar with the hiking trail you choose before you land on that place. 

Top Tips Of Hiking For Beginners

For first time hikers, hiking seems intimidating and fascinating both at the same time. In any case, you must be familiar with the hiking guidelines and a set of tips that are going to make your hiking getaway safe, memorable, and easy to continue.

Here's what you need to keep in mind before you buckle to enjoy the action-packed hiking adventure:

  • Plan Your Hike Well In Advance

As Benjamin Franklin quotes, "If you fail to plan, you are ultimately planning to fail." 

Plan your hiking trip as early as possible, and don't leave things for the last moment. Everything will be at sixes and sevens if you skip the planning part. All it requires is comprehensive research and planning to be confident during your hiking trail and enjoy it the most. 

  • Never Forget To Carry A Map

This is not a tip for the ones bad at directions, but for everyone who plans to explore nature through hiking. You never know what the place hides for you, so better prepare for every possible situation. Please don't rely on cell phones or other internet-dependent gadgets because it won’t be available everywhere. 

  • Check The Weather Conditions Before You Leave

Once you decide on the hiking spot, keep a regular eye on the weather conditions. Pack all the hiking accessories like hiking clothes and footwear depending on the weather updates. Also, a weather forecast is vital to check for knowing if the place is safe for hiking or not. Before you leave for the expedition, make sure to check the weather condition. 

  • Inform Someone About Your Hiking

No compromise should be made with safety, especially when you are heading for solo adventure trips. Although hiking is highly safe, it is advised to inform you about your solo hiking expedition. Since you won't have any communication source, it is imperative your loved ones know where you are heading towards and when you will return.

  • Carry An Adequate Amount Of Food And Water

Depending on your hiking trail period, carry appropriate amounts of food and water for a safe and comfortable hiking trail. Else you will have to search for food and water all time, which will ultimately spoil your hiking experience. Carry light and healthy food that easily gets absorbed in the bloodstream and immediately gives you energy. 

Hydration essentials are a must for a successful hiking trail. 

  • Carry Enough Cash 

There are no hiking fees, but you need to be fully-backed with resources on your way. Cash is a must carry while you step out for hiking. If you wish to explore certain national parks on your way, money will be required. Also, keeping cash handy is essential for catering to any situation. 

What Are The Essential Hiking Gears? 

Once you choose your spot for hiking, you should begin packing all the hiking gear and hiking essentials much earlier. 

Here's a list of all your hiking accessories and gears that you need to pack in your hiking backpack:

Hiking Backpack

To pack all your hiking stuff, you need to purchase a top-quality hiking backpack. Make sure that the hiking backpack should not be heavy, and its quality should not be compromised at any stake. 

Naturehike 65L Hiking Backpack

Pick this incredible Naturehike 65L Hiking Backpack available at Adventure HQ. It is a fully-featured comfortable back with anatomical shape, shoulder belts, easy to carry, and a waist belt that enables proper load distribution. 

Hiking Footwear

Footwear is the most critical hiking gear without which you cannot go hiking. While it may seem just a pair of shoes to some, hikers know how important it is to pick the right pair of hiking footwear. 

Tnf Hedgehog Hike li Mid

Depending on the hiking trail, some hikers go for over-the-ankle boots for better support, whereas others purchase lightweight trail shoes. If you fall in the former category, you must try Tnf Hedgehog Hike Ii Mid hiking shoes that offer complete safety, comfort, and support for all types of terrain. 

Salomon Sense Pro 2 Shoes

But if you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-carry hiking shoes,  SALOMON Sense Pro 2 Shoes is the best fit. These fast, dynamic, and light running shoes are highly rigid even on wet surfaces.

For more collection in men's and women's hiking footwear, visit Adventure HQ.

Hiking Tent

Another very significant hiking gear that needs to be packed is a high-quality hiking tent. When you plan longer hikes, a hiking tent is a must for a comfortable stay. You cannot rest anywhere while on your hiking trail, so it is important to carry a hiking tent rather than searching for accommodations. 

Core Equipment Lighted Instant Tent

Whether you are a group of 10 people or just on a solo trip, Adventure HQ has the best in-house hiking tents. CORE EQUIPMENT 10 Person Lighted Instant Tent is a popular people's choice in case you are in a group of more than six people. 

Hiking Clothing 

You cannot wear anything or everything during your hiking trail. Therefore, pick clothes that are super comfortable, quick-dry, and easy to carry. However, pack hiking clothes depending on the weather condition of the hiking spot. Never forget to pack rainwear hiking clothes, especially a waterproof jacket because you never know when it is going to shower. 

Tnf Resolve 2 Rain Jacket

Grab this amazingly awesome Tnf Resolve 2 Rain Jacket from Adventure HQ featuring an array of qualities like breathable mesh lining, adjustable hood, waterproof technology, and much more. 

Dive into the best hiking clothes collection showcased at Adventure HQ for both men and women, including jackets, pants, trek gloves, t-shirts, cargo shorts, tights, and much more. 

Here's a pro tip: Don't even think of wearing shorts while you're hiking, whether it is summer or winter. However, you can wear pants that can be easily converted into shorts whenever you feel like doing so due to hot weather. 

Hiking Trekking Poles

For most beginners, trekking poles might be awkward to carry, and they might scoff at the thought of carrying it. Less they know that trekking poles offer great support while hiking, especially if the difficulty is high. So, it is vital to carry hiking poles irrespective of your level of experience with hiking.  

Hikerr Trekking Poles Carbon

Checkout the Hikerr Trekking Poles Carbon from Adventure HQ, made 100% of carbon material with adjustable length of 65-135 cm, and many other features. 

Other Hiking Accessories

With all the essential hiking gears and accessories packed, you are just left with packing  the last things. These are equally important as other hiking accessories. This list begins with keeping the hydration essentials for your adventure, maps, navigation gadgets, food supplements, and first aid kits. 

Buy the best hydration products for your adventure from a wide range of top-quality collections showcased at Adventure HQ. 

Explore More At AdventureHQ!

We hope that these tips will help you make the most of your first-ever hiking trail. Hiking getaway is a perfect escape to experience complete serenity away from the hustle-bustle of day to day life. All it requires a bit of planning and preparation before you head on to the hiking trail. 

Being the foremost provider of the best hiking accessories, Adventure HQ is the one-stop-shop that has everything for you. Not only variety but also our hiking products never fail to meet the top-quality benchmark.

Explore the vast hiking collection showcased at Adventure HQ and choose the best that suits you and your hiking trail. 

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