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Mountain Biking Protective Gear Guide

Mountain biking; an experience loaded with immense thrill, sense of solitude, and calmness unlike the usual hustle-bustle of daily life!

Indeed the great turns, incredible jumps, rugged passages, and an ample amount of adventure makes mountain biking addictive and fun. But things can soon turn the other way around, ending you in despair, wondering why? 

This can happen if you tend to pare down on the protective kit. So, folks, you must not put your safety in danger at any stake. Yes, we mean never compromise safety!

Now, you know why mountain biking is no more just about picking the best mountain bikes and kick-starting your journey since it requires smart preplanning and packing all the mountain biking protective gear.

All the novice or pro-mountain bikers who are enticed and energized for their mountain biking experience should go through the comprehensive guide penned down to uncover every crucial biking protective gear that you should swear by while mountain biking. 

Let's just quickly dive into it!

  • Helmet

Helmet stands to be a highly vital protective gear while you lock in to begin an expedition on your mountain bike. A helmet is a biking assurance gear that must not be missed at any cost. 

Whether you are a pro-mountain rider or just a novice, you must swear by a quality helmet that perfectly fits your head and provides complete protection by reducing the odds of head injury. Factors that you must look for while buying a helmet should be lightweight, well-ventilated, strong material, and durable. 

SCOTT Arx Plus CE Helmet

An astute decision to make! Implanted with a variety of rich features, SCOTT Arx Plus Helmet helmet ensures complete ventilation and an ideal fitting giving incredible security. Integrated into the helmet is a safety system that provides for a whole new level of safety. 

BBB Helmet Maestro

Another high-performing helmet that has taken safety to the next level! BBB Helmet Maestro is known to have an array of incredible features that makes it an ideal fit and a must-have protective gear. The helmet features the Omega fit system, which allows adjusting height and circumference. Optimal ventilation and airflow padding design are its key features making it stand out from the rest.

  • Face mask 

Riding a bike is a way to accomplish your fitness goals. However, inhaling contaminated air can become a snag in achieving this objective. In any case, this can't drive you to stop biking. Thus, purchasing a face mask would be a savvy choice for protecting oneself while biking. 

FDBRO Sports Mask 3.0 

FDBRO Sports Mask 3.0 is an extraordinary choice because it affirms a contamination-free biking experience. Embedded with a couple of benefits, the mask's strength and unflinching quality make it an ideal fit.

Sports Mask with Exhalation Valves

Sports Mask with Exhalation Valves five-layer mask is ideally designed to offer powerful insurance against airborne issues, dust hypersensitivity, and several more. The inserted nose piece makes breathing comfortable and consistent even with the mask. 

  • Phone holder

Wriggling with the phone while biking can put you and your safety in a vulnerable condition. Thus, it is significantly fundamental to carry a phone holder that firmly holds the telephone and ensures your safety. GPS-enabled phone holders offer precise direction reporting all through your biking trip. 

BBB Smartphone Mount Guardian 

BBB Smartphone Mount Guardian is a wise choice if you are looking for a five-star phone mount. The most remarkable part of this phone holder is that it comes with a water-resistant case that keeps your gadget protected in every environment. 

Aor Universal Magnetic Phone Holder 1.1 Heav 

Another amazing telephone holder that you can purchase! In any case, make a point to stick the holder to a flat surface for prominent functioning and immovability. Aor Universal Magnetic Holder can consistently keep hold of 450 gms without the dread of fall. 

  • Gloves

While mountain biking, as we fear to stumble upon the ground, our instincts every time compel us to extend our hands as protection. This puts our hands in a vulnerable condition during a crash. Thus, carrying hand gloves is imperative that will keep you from skinning your palms if you hit the hard mountain ground.

SCOTT RC Pro Long Finger Gloves

Go for these mountain biking-specific hand gloves that provide firm grip and control without an inch of sacrifice with protection. SCOTT RC Pro Gloves gloves are a popular choice among famous bike racers because of their premium ventilation and flexibility. Padding and breathability are additional features that make hand gloves perfect for trail riding. 

SCOTT Perform Gel Short Finger Gloves

The gloves offer a sleek look without any shortage of exceptional features. SCOTT Perform Gel Short Gloves are integrated with gel padding on the palm, making the gloves highly comfortable, and you can wear these gloves for hours without a sense of irritation. 

  • Chain Cleaner 

Can you imagine covering a long-distance biking trail without a properly functioning bicycle chain? The suitable reaction is a flat-out no. Along these lines, to have consistent biking, you should show some respect to the bicycle chains; else, you need to wander around on your feet. Therefore, it is compulsory to use the chain oil or chain cleaner repeatedly to have an undisrupted biking expedition. 

Ceramic Speed UFO Chain Cleaner 

Check out the CERAMIC SPEED UFO Chain Cleaner that is exceptionally perfect in disposing of all soil and oil, empowering unhindered bike riding, and improving performance. 

Finish Line Citrus Bike Chain Degreaser

Another extraordinary pick in chain cleaner incorporates this pack of three offered by Finish Line, including a degreaser, chain cleaner, and dry lube. FINISH LINE Citrus Bike Chain Degreaser is an ideal buy that permits simple, speedy, and proficient cleaning without the issue of bike chain expulsion. 

  • Taillights 

However, mountain biking, particularly around evening time, allows you to find the more out-of-control side of yours; anyway, it is hazardous also. The nights are tranquil, so it is imperative to carry taillights while you head out for biking expeditions. 

BOOKMAN Curve Rear Light

BOOKMAN Curve Rear Light is an incredible choice to make that provides brightness of up to 37 lumens for a run-time of approximately 32 hours. The embedded silicon elastic band allows easy attaching and detaching from the handlebar. You can, without a doubt, attach it to your helmet and have an thrilling evening biking experience. 

  • Protective pad set

If you don't want your knees, elbows, or hands to get scraped and screw your mountain biking trail, don't forget to carry the protective knee pad set. As the protective pads have become a mandatory biking protective gear, their design is constantly improving to make them softer and durable. A light, breathable and flexible armor is incorporated into the liner to make pedaling more comfortable. 

GLOBBER Protective Adult Pad Set

A highly lightweight option that offers incredible support and protection to wrists, knees, and elbows. GLOBBER Protective Adult Pad Set are designed to provide flexibility and have a thick cushion on the inside.

Velcro straps keep the guards intact in place. Also, these pads are available in medium and large sizes, which you can easily pick from our platform. 

Get protected with Adventure HQ

Hereby, we have accumulated all the mountain biking protective gear that is a must for biking expeditions. Now, you must be wondering where you can get all the protective gear without doing much hassle.

My friend, don't worry, Adventure HQ has got everything for you. It is your go-to platform to buy world-class quality protective gear. We value your safety and dread to play with it, which makes us the foremost platform that never fails to deliver excellence and customer satisfaction. 

We have the finest in-house mountain biking equipment and protective gear showcased on our platform, offering a highly user-friendly experience. Go check out and grab everything you want. 

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