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Safety Gear For Bike Riders And Their Uses

Safety is paramount in everything, and biking is no different. Whether you're a pro-biker or just entered the world of bikes, you need to assure safety before any other planning. Wearing the right safety gear while your biking adventures is as imperative as choosing the bike and knowing how to ride it.

If you don’t want to get affected by bumps and sustain injuries that may stop you from riding again, make sure you invest in the best safety gears while biking. Remember to prioritize functioning over style and look.

From flashlight to helmet, gloves to knee pads, here is a sneak peek into our pick of the best safety gears for mountain bikers. We have penned down a short yet comprehensive guide of all the safety gears that you need to carry while mountain biking.


Helmets are the foremost protective measure for a biker's head. There are three types of helmets distinguished on the basis of their design. These include cross country, rounded skateboarder style, and full face. Choose the one that suits you the best.

Oakley Men's Aro3 Helmet

Oakley Men's Aro3 Helmet

For protection against unforgiving climbs and blistering heat, ARO3 is engineered with complete ventilation to help you remain cool. In addition, the helmet includes an integrated eyewear dock that securely stows your shades and keeps them handy, allowing easy and quick access.


  • Soft textile feel and flexibility
  • TX1 lace
  • X-Static harnesses
  • Powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric
  • MIPS brain protection system
  • Low friction layer to reduce rotational motion

Lazer Urbanize Helmet Large

Lazer Urbanize Helmet

A perfect pick in helmets that offers effective safety while commuting through the city. The helmet includes a magnetic buckle and premium leather straps to ensure a comfortable fit. Additionally, the LED light increases visibility in low light conditions. Embedded with an array of ultimate features, the helmet is a wise choice.


  • Speed pedelec and e-bike use certified
  • Magnetic panoramic lens
  • Secure lens docking
  • Eye protection against wind and debris
  • Easy to adjust advanced turn fit system
  • Lock hole to secure your helmet together with your bike
  • Rechargeable rear LED light


Unlike the normal road gloves, biking gloves offer a specific design for bike rider's safety. Heavier materials are used for making these gloves. Fingers and thumbs remain covered, protecting them from any kind of hand injury. Knuckle pads are included in the gloves.

Ridecamp Long Finger Gloves

Ridecamp Long Finger Gloves

Ridecamp long trail finger gloves are designed for riders safety and comfort. These gloves ensure top-quality performance, endurance and added safety.


  • Durable, flexible and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic slip-on cuff
  • Stretch finger gussets
  • Well-balanced comfortable design

    XTM Gore Infinium II Glove

     XTM Gore Infinium II Glove

    A glove that does it all; from biking to hiking, the gloves offer effective protection to your hands. Designed using the latest GORE-TEX technology, the gloves are known for their high quality and


    • Stretch gloves
    • Molded fit that mimics hands
    • Excellent tactility & natural dexterity
    • Touch screen compatible
    • Silicon grip on palm
    • Brushed lining
    • Windproof


    The next safety gear for mountain biking is glasses. Used by pro-mountain bikers, glasses significantly help to avoid debris on the trails. Filtered and colored lenses protect eyes from strain. Downhill and freeride bikers mostly use goggles to get fully protected.

    Soft Tact Stone Grey Sunglasses

    Soft Tact Stone Grey Sunglasses

    Durable, lightweight, and flexible, these sunglasses have ultra HD lenses made from impact-resistant polycarbonate materials. The S3 sunglasses are embedded with standout features and a performance-enabling design. In addition, the glasses come with an ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips to provide a secure fit.


    • 100% UV protection (UV400)
    • Hard coated scratch-resistant lens
    • Additional lens ventilation
    • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic lens treatment
    • Durable, flexible, and lightweight TR90 frame
    • Interchangeable lenses

    Speedtrap Multi Mirror Sunglasses

    Speedtrap Multi Mirror Sunglasses

    Another choice to make in glasses is these amazing single lens mirror sunglasses by Speedtrap. It enhances your peripheral vision by offering clarity. With an array of ultimate features, the sunglasses offer uncompromising fit and ultimate performance paired with aggressive futuristic styling.


    • Optically correct decentered six spherical base shield
    • 100% UV protection
    • Durable, flexible, and lightweight TR90 frame
    • Three-way adjustable temple tips
    • Secure and comfortable fit

    Hydration packs

    Biking is exciting, yet you need to have the right strength and healthy body to make the most of this venture. Said that, we mean you should have a complete backup of hydration and health supplements. Especially when you ride through off-road terrains, hydration packs and health supplements are very important. Also, carry water bottles and energy boosters along with other essentials.

    Wow Hydrate Sugar-Free Electrolyte

    Wow Hydrate Sugar-Free Electrolyte

    To keep going while riding a bike, you need to remain hydrated. And this is a perfect essential to keep handy for maintaining your electrolytes and vitamins balance. So to remain all boosted and charged up through your riding adventure, keep a complete backup of these drinks.

    GU Energy Gel

    GU Energy Gel

    GU Energy Gels are a complete package of energy-dense calories for all the biking enthusiasts who do training daily. They help you sustain your energy demands while your biking venture. In addition, this 100-calorie packet helps you maximize your performance and reduce mental fatigue.

    Body Armors and Pads

    Pro mountain bikers use different types of protective pads and guards. However, they swear by quality pads and armors to protect themselves against crashes and accidents during mountain biking. For knees and elbows, neoprene sleeves should be your go-to pick, while hard plastic shells will protect your limbs and the whole body.

    For protecting your spine, metal-reinforced plastic plates with foam padding would be a great choice. Some bikers also attest to using chest plates and abdomen protectors.

    KILLER Pads Adult Pad Set

    KILLER Pads Adult Pad Set

    This incredible pad set is designed to offer better support and protection to wrists, knees, and elbows. The contoured form-fitting design perfectly cradles knees.


    • Streamlined shapes enhance your mobility.
    • Interior finish for ultimate comfort
    • Superior foam absorb the hard impacts

      Other safety gears

      Navigation device

      Navigation devices should never be off from the mountain biking safety gear checklist. Swear by a great GPS tracker, a navigation map to monitor your progress and get insights regarding directions. Most premade mapping systems or internet downloaded maps are used for this feature.


      Mountain biking during the evening time lets you find the more out-of-control side of yours. However thrilling it is but denying that it will be hazardous shouldn't be boosted. For the adventurous evenings and nights, carrying tail lights is imperative while heading out for biking expeditions.

      Having high-powered LED lights are the must-have bike safety gear at night.

      First aid kit

      Also, never forget to carry what every pro biker carries, which is a first aid box to manage and treat himself right during accidents or crashes. Thus a first aid kit is highly recommended for bikers, but controlling the speed should also be on your list.

      So, if you are planning a biking adventure, keep these safety gears handy in your backpack. Else fun may soon turn into regret! For hassle-free buying, check out our platform Adventure HQ, where you will come across a variety of biking accessories and essentials.

      Before anything else, be safe!

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