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Launching Schwinn Bikes to Redefine Your Biking Experience

Launching Schwinn Bikes to Redefine Your Biking Experience

To introduce you all to fun and joys of bike riding, Adventure HQ is launching globally-renowned Schwinn bikes at its store.

The bikes deliver the same great riding experience and Schwinn quality that riders world-wide are familiar with. Its unique colors and graphics appeal to bike riders of all levels, whether they are pros or newbies.

Whatever your riding needs, whether you're a casual biker looking to go out around town or love riding on rugged terrains, the exclusive range of Schwinn bikes at our store has the bike for you.

Check out Schwinn's rich history before you browse through the collection and pick the one that's right for you!

Schwinn is a brand of Pacific Cycle, a division of PoN. Bike, which owns notable brands like Mongoose and Kid Trax. Schwinn, an American icon founded in 1895, makes some of the most popular and well-known bicycles ever made. Schwinn provides innovative and performance-driven cycling products for people of all ages as part of its dedication to quality.

  • Schwinn Mountain Bikes

Schwinn Mountain Bikes let you explore the rugged trails or dirt paths in comfort and style. Designed to  handle gravel trails, singletracks, down nike paths or uphills, Schwinn mountain bikes are an apt choice for the bikers.

Wide knobby tires, a stout frame, shock-absorbers, and straight handlebars with a raised seat are some of the best features of Schwinn mountain bikes.

Unravel the best riding experience with a diversified range of mountain bikes!

  • Schwinn Road Bikes

Built for paved surfaces, Schwinn road bikes assure a smoother and safer riding experience. With skinny tires, drop handlebars, lightweight frames, and comfortable pedaling seats, lightweight bikes are ideal for outdoor activities. The road bikes are a perfect choice for beginners or intermediate riders.

Go ahead and explore every mile these superior performing range of road bikes!

  • Schwinn Cruiser Bikes

Ride a Schwinn Cruiser bike for fun and adventure on your casual rides. For fun and stylish riders looking for a comfortable biking experience, these bikes are a great choice.

Enjoy a relaxed ride in your neighborhood or on the open road with Schwinn's cruiser bikes

  • Schwinn Hybrid Bikes

Designed to handle rugged or uneven surfaces,  Schwinn Hybrid Bikes are an excellent choice for the pro bikers.

Lightweight and comfortable, these bikes are designed to handle all types of terrain with ease and convenience. They're great for beginners and intermediate riders.

Is there anything more exciting than picking up a Schwinn hybrid bike and heading for an ultimate biking adventure?

Adventure HQ has top-of-the-line Schwinn bikes to level up your biking experience. Whether you're commuting, cruising or riding on uneven terrain, Schwinn bikes are made for you.

Get ready to embrace your inner biker when you explore Schwinn's range of bikes.

SCHWINN 700C Vantage F3 Large - Black

SCHWINN 700C Vantage F3 Large - Black

Schwinn Vantage bikes are the perfect way to improve your fitness or to take your cycling to the next level. These versatile bikes are an ideal choice for both beginners or pro bikers. 


  • Elastomer soft trail suspension for smoother rides. 
  • 21-speed trigger shifter for better speed control. 
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes for proper riding safety.

AED 2,095

SCHWINN 700C XS Fastback AL - Grey

SCHWINN 700C XS Fastback AL - Grey

Explore the open roads with confidence and comfort with Schwinn flashback bikes. Designed for advanced and expert riders, these road bikes are known for their superior performance.


  • 22 speed trigger shifters for better speed control
  • Front and rear caliper brakes for add-on safety. 
  • Durable aluminum wheels for ideal balance. 
  • Race seat for extra comfort.

AED 4,899

SCHWINN 700C Vantage F3 Medium - Black

SCHWINN 700C Vantage F3 Medium - Black

Push your limits and enjoy the best biking experience with Schwinn Vantage Medium bikes. Lightweight bikes enable riders to ride smoothly and comfortably. 

  • Elastomer soft trail suspension for optimal comfort
  • Front and rear mechanical disc for smooth riding 
  • Alloy double cranks for better grip 
  • 21 speed trigger shifters for versatile riding

AED 2,095

SCHWINN 700 M Fastback Carbon 105 Road Bike Extra Small - Matte Black

SCHWINN 700 M Fastback Carbon 105 Extra Small - Matte Black

With a series of Fastback carbon bikes, Schwinn is known for their exceptional road performance, which makes them the ideal bike for paved areas. 

  • Road-tuned carbon frame for added strength
  • 22 speed trigger shifter for outstanding road performance 
  • Front and rear brakes for better precision
  • Race seat for add-on comfort 

AED 7,799

  • Schwinn Gears

Besides Schwinn bikes, we also have Schwinn gears to round out your biking experience.

Browse for our wide collection of Schwinn gear ranging from Schwinn pillow top saddles, Schwinn adult helmet, Schwinn U-lock key, Schwinn Combination cables, Schwinn tire tubes and much more.

Get the best Schwinn Bikes with  Adventure HQ

Adventure HQ is an ideal platform to choose the best Schwinn bikes for your next adventure venture. Known for their quality and world-class performance, Schwinn bikes is just perfect for every biker.

Also, find the right Schwinn gear to make the most out of your biking experience.

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