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An Ultimate Backpacking Checklist for High Altitude Trek

Ready to experience the jagged pinnacles, winding rocky trails, and stomach-dropping cliff plunge?

Yes, we are talking about the magical experience that comes while heading for a high-altitude trek. It is something that every trekker wishes to experience once in their lifetime.

Those who have planned already, let's just fast forward to the day before your adventurous beginning. You've booked your spot on tour, sorted out flights, and have everything in place. All that's left to do now is pack!

But duh! You are still unsure of what gear you need to bring, Don't sweat it! Here's a quick sneak peek into the trekking checklist and our top picks for these essentials.

Let's just get started!


OSPREY Tempest 20

If you want to go light and have a quicker pace, opt for an OSPREY Tempest 20 backpack. With a 20L capacity, this trekking backpack is the perfect pick for your expedition.


  • Incredible ventilation and comfort
  • Harness pocket
  • Zippered hip belts
  • Side stretch mesh pockets
  • Top-lid storage providing the organization one needs

OSPREY Aether Ag 60

If you have planned for longer vacations, then you must require something that carries heavy loads effortlessly. There is no better option than OSPREY Aether Ag 60. The anti-gravity technology is the key highlight of this backpack. In addition, the customizable hip belt offers outstanding fit and allows a comfortable walk while covering miles over miles.

Footwear for beginners and professionals

COLUMBIA Men's Gunnison Ii Omni-Heat

An impeccably designed trekking shoe for men, COLUMBIA Men’s footwear! These boots are highly effective in keeping your feet warm while providing the utmost comfort. Being feature-rich footwear, these are a perfect pick for winter and rainy seasons.


  • Waterproof leather upper
  • A superior midsole cushioning
  • Advanced outsole traction
  • Thermal-reflective lining
  • Highly comfortable in rugged conditions.
  • Omni-grip non-marking traction rubber
  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction
  • Omni-heat reflective lining

SALEWA Women's Rapace Goretex

For all adventurous women out there, we have picked Rapace Gore-Tex shoes for you. They are one of the best creations by Salewa in women's trekking footwear and are designed to provide optimal secure grip, making them perfect for mountaineering. Embedded with exceptional features, the footwear is highly reliable, long-lasting, and durable.


  • SALEWA's Blight TPU technology to ensure firm ergonomic hold
  • 3F System enables great support and enhanced ankle mobility
  • Vibram
  • Gore-Tex comfort lining makes it adaptable to weather
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Cleansport NXT
  • Flex Collar
  • Climbing Lacing
  • MFF+ Footbed

Sleeping tents

    Core Equipment Instant Sport Shade tent

    An easy to assemble camping tent built with instant technology, the Core Sport Shade camping tent is our top pick. Known for having no complicated poles and an array of exceptional properties, the tent is a worthy choice.


    • Offers complete UV protection
    • Two zippable sun walls
    • Convenient backpack straps, making it seamless to carry the tent.

    NATUREHIKE P-Series camping tent

    If you are heading for solo exploration of nature, the NATUREHIKE camping tent is your go-to pick. Featuring supreme perfection, the tent incorporates everything one needs while on their trail. It is waterproof, breathable, pest preventative, windproof, and lightweight, ensuring safety and comfort.


    • Silicon coated, fully taped seams
    • Professional pole with bold aluminum pegs
    • 210T anti-tear polyester fabric
    • Breathable mesh
    • Waterproof PU coating
    • 7001 aluminum poles
    • Insect prevention & ventilation
    • Freestanding

    Sleeping bags

      Sea to Summit Trek Tkiii Regular

      Sea to Summit Trek Tkiii Regular Sleeping Bag is a perfect pick for your outing. Just roll up the sleeping bag into the attached carrier, and you are all set to experience a comfortable yet thrilling adventure.


      • Vertical baffles prevent down insulation from migrating
      • A side block baffle construction for maximum insulation
      • 3D side-wall baffle
      • Highly lightweight, comfortable, and durable

      Sea to Summit Quest QuII Regular

      Those looking for a flexible and highly spacious sleeping bag can go for the SEA TO SUMMIT Quest QuII Regular Sleeping Bag. It is a women's specific sleeping bag. It is tapered rectangular for offering more space and comfort than a traditional sleeping bag. In addition, its adaptability towards different temperatures makes this sleeping bag a wise purchase.


      • Thicker foot box insulation for increased warmth
      • Second zip slider in foot box for versatile ventilation
      • Includes stuff sack

      Trekking poles

        OZTRAIL Numo Plus Trekking Pole

        One such worthy pick is the OZTRAIL Numo Plus Trekking Pole that offers an array of outstanding features. A classic 3 section walking pole that maximizes your performance.


        • Ergonomic handle with wrist tension strap
        • Adjustable in-built shock absorption system
        • Fold lock closure system for easy and precise height adjustment
        • Tungsten tip for secure placement
        • Aluminum shafts for reduced weight

        Hikerr Trekking Poles

        Also, Hikerr Trekking Poles is another brilliant choice to make in trekking poles. It is a high-quality trekking pole popular for its well-built and high durability.


        • Aluminum 6061 material
        • Nature cork grip
        • Fast lock with Aluminum lever
        • Anti-shock feature
        • 3 Section telescopic pole
        • Soft EVA padding strap

        Hydration and Health supplements

          Other than having a complete backup of hydration packs and water bottles, have these following supplements handy:

          Innermost Define Booster

          Innermost Define Booster must-have health supplement for experiencing boosted trail! This Innermost supplement is a complete vegan solution. It contains 100% Pure acetyl l-carnitine, which aids in keeping you energetic and boosted all day throughout the journey. Additionally, it acts incredibly in dealing With your exertion levels.

          Note: No additives, colors, fillers, or GMO nasties are used.

          GU Hydration Tab

          The next supplement is by GU, Hydration Tab That is their hydration tab which does wonders by keeping you hydrated all the time. It is a low-calorie drink available in a variety of fruit flavors. The drink effectively maintains system balance by taking care of your hydration electrolyte levels efficiently.

          GU Energy Gel

          For meeting your energy demands all day, carry GU energy supplement. It helps in maintaining your hydration and energy levels. Loaded with electrolytes, amino acids, carbohydrates, and caffeine, the gel is a must for a high-altitude trek.

          Navigation and communication

          GARMIN Montana 680 Gps

            Check out the GARMIN Montana 680 Gps available at Adventure HQ. Not only trekking, but you can also use this supplement for hunting, hiking, and on the water. It is a 4-inch dual-orientation GPS device that comes with the ability to track both GPS and GLONASS satellites.

            Another fully-featured Gps option is GARMIN Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition Gps. The GPS allows you to track positions even in challenging environments very efficiently. The product is an impeccable investment.

            Cookware sets

              Sea to Summit Delta Camp Set

              A convenient and lightweight pick-in cookware set for all the trekkers planning for a longer vacation! SEA TO SUMMIT Delta Camp Set comprises a bowl, mug, plate, and 3-piece cutlery set. This cookware set perfectly fits for being carried to trekking expeditions because of the incredible features it incorporates.


              • Easy-to-use drawstring closure
              • Plate and Bowl feature hex-pattern base for heat dissipation
              • Dishwasher safe
              • Gusseted mesh pouch
              • Food grade and BPA free

              Oztrail Enamel Cookset

              Another compact pick that fulfills the need for pots and pans! This four-piece supreme quality cooking set includes everything you need other than cutlery. Being a highly worthy purchase, Oztrail Enamel Cookset is quite handy and includes a frypan, roasting pan, saucepan, and container.

              Other essential items to carry for your trek

              • Clothes according to the weather: Weather-appropriate clothing where the weather can vary rapidly: a fleece, a waterproof windbreaker (discover our Women's and Men's jackets), and a spare t-shirt.
              • A cap, hat, or headband
              • A pair of gloves if you are walking at altitude or in cold weather
              • Sunglasses
              • Sun cream
              • Insect repellent if you are entering damp areas (marshes, lakes, rivers)

              Tips for a high altitude trek

              Now that you have packed all the essential items, here's a quick rundown through some amazing tips that will assist you in preparing for a high-altitude trek:

              • High altitude sickness

              The foremost thing to do once you have planned for trekking is to prepare yourself against the high altitude sickness. Thus, to keep your health on point during trekking, try to learn all the signs of altitude sickness.

              You must be aware of the signs that hint you of sickness and then prepare to cater to them.

              The common altitude sickness signs include:

              • Headache
              • Nausea & Dizziness
              • Shortness of breath
              • Disturbed sleep
              • A general feeling of malaise
              • Loss of appetite
              • Fatigue

              On observing any of these symptoms, immediately take suitable measures to prevent them from worsening.

              • Achieve the right fitness goals

              As attested by pro trekkers, high-altitude regions are very different from the regular trek. Thus, this takes us to the next tip: to prepare your body for any kind of rigor of higher altitudes. Note that this means you need to turn into a gym freak now. All you have to do is practice longer walks longer, making them a bit more challenging day by day.

              You can do so by adding a few miles and increasing the height of the ascent with each passing day you head for trekking. In addition, having a consistent fitness regime that includes aerobic activities like running, swimming, and cycling will enhance your performance and fight off altitude sickness.

              • Be very particular about hydration

              If you are dehydrated, then my friend, you won't be able to take your trekking any far, especially ascending higher altitudes. Thus, it is highly imperative to remain hydrated and have a complete backup of hydration essentials. Also, don't wait for your body to signal you with a water alert, keep yourself hydrated throughout your trekking.

              • Go for training courses

              Before heading for an actual high-altitude trek, do prepare yourself by opting for specific training courses. There are a galore of training courses you can choose from. These will help your mind and body with anything and everything during trekking.

              Also, they aid in developing your trekking skills like picking the right routes and assist in acclimatizing effectively. Therefore, comprehensive trekking training is a smart choice if you want to experience unhampered high-altitude trekking.

              • Don't forget to keep a guide

              Never head for trekking without a comprehensive guide in your backpack. A smart move that is an assurance of achieving a safe and smooth high-altitude trek. In addition, it is of great help in knowing the ins and outs of the trekking spot, letting you determine the best possible routes and important places to stop by.

              Wondering where to find all these? Don't hassle, my dear friend, just make your way to Adventure HQ, and you have everything in place. Get galore of variety and brands to dig the best for you.


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