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The Ultimate Guide: Best Diving & Snorkeling Accessories For 2021

Are you an amateur diver or a snorkeler taking your first dip into the underwater realm? Are you looking for the best snorkeling gear? If you are either of these, this post is for you. So, hold on, we are going to walk you through the best diving and snorkeling accessories of 2021.

Snorkeling and other water sports are gaining huge fan-following at ocean destinations. But, what’s the key to an unbeatable snorkeling or any other water adventure? Good water gear, of course, right? But if you lack the right gears, then my dear friends, there is nothing worse than diving down a little and putting yourself at risk.

While many platforms provide rental gear, we always recommend bringing your own snorkeling gear. Good snorkeling gear is the essential factor when it comes to ensuring a comfortable and safe experience with water.

So, to help you buy good quality snorkeling sets that suit all budgets, we have picked the products of top manufacturers. Here are some top picks of the best diving and snorkeling accessories that will make your water adventures more thrilling and safe in 2021.

AQUA LUNG Combo Versa Snorkel and Swimming Goggles

A snorkeling essential that tops every list! Combo Versa Snorkel and Swimming Goggles set is a perfect innovation by Aqua Lung. If you are looking for a combination of ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfort, this is your go-to pick.

It comes with an optimally designed vita mask and airflex snorkel making it an appropriate fit for hours of snorkeling adventures. Designed keeping in mind the style and functional coordination details, the set is a universal fit that enhances your performance in place.


  • Underwater vision curved lens for 180-degree visibility
  • Anti-fog and UV protective coating for increased protection
  • Snow Goggle-Style Strap makes taking on and off easy and quick
  • Comfortable fit
  • Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt provides a leak-free fit
  • Durable & lightweight
  • Shatter-resistant Polycarbonate lens for increased durability
  • Elastic fabric strap with easy-adjust buckle

Aquasphere Seal 2.0 Clear Swimming Goggles

As the name suggests, Aquasphere Seal 2.0 swimming goggles is a descendent of the original swim mask, profoundly popular as the best swimming goggles among swimmers and snorkelers.

With several exceptional key features, these swimming goggles have set a bar for being the best swimming essentials of 2021.

However, the key feature that makes it stand out is its large format wrap-around lens design that offers the widest field of vision in the market.


  • Soft silicone facial skirt integrated with advanced technology provides a comfortable and watertight fit
  • Advanced fit technology
  • Plexisol lens
  • Anti-scratch technology optimal for outer protection
  • Anti-fog gives complete inner protection
  • 100% UV-protection
  • 180-degree field-of-vision

Overboard Dry Tube Backpack Wp

Do you wish to enjoy the best of both worlds? If yes, then don’t forget to buy this yet another top-notch snorkeling essential. Overboard dry tube waterproof backpack offers 60 Litre space to keep all your water gears safe.

Even being this extra-large, the backpack is highly lightweight and easy to carry. It's rare to find a backpack this spacious and capable of carrying all your bulky items, so grab this one.


  • Highly lightweight
  • Incredibly spacious
  • 60L space
  • Easy to carry
  • Waterproof

Led Lenser D14.1 Daylight

We often hit the waters to explore the magnificent marine life it holds. This brings us to revealing the next product on our list that is an LED Lenser. Light, small, and highly efficient, this LED lens brightens up the underwater world for you.

Enjoy visioning the natural colors of depths up to 60 m. It is a warm LED that makes for the ideal companion for underwater photography. Not only will the fish gape, but the divers also.


  • High Power LED
  • High-performing brightness
  • High luminosity
  • A glove-friendly magnetic switch makes handling easy
  • Long battery life( MAX 15 h - MIN 2 h)
  • Front Switch
  • IP-Class (fully protected against the penetration of foreign particles like dust, dirt, and water)

Aqua Lung Wind Full Foot Fins

How can the snorkeling list be completed without fins right? So, the best fin of 2021 to be your ideal companion is this perfect creation by Aqua Lung.

Aqua lung full foot fins is a new entry-level full-pocket fin with an optimal design for scuba diving and snorkeling. Even being compact and lightweight does not affect its robustness and comfort.


  • Travel-size blade
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and ergonomic foot pocket effectively accommodates the anatomy of the foot
  • Grip effect inside the foot pocket ensures foot stability
  • Tab on the heel for easy don & doff
  • Rigid sole guarantees optimal protection of the feet
  • Anti-slip rubber pads
  • Structured side ribs ensure progressive and controlled bending
  • Yellow color option made with Hi-Vis Technology for great underwater sighting

Aqua Lung Set Urchin

If you are taking your kids with you while hitting the waters, there is no way you take them without this snorkeling essential. Aqua lung set Urchin junior snorkeling set is specifically designed to keep the comfort of your little one in mind.

It includes a mask with easy-to-adjust buckles providing a leak-free fit. Let your kids focus on enjoying diving and not their snorkeling gear.


  • Shatter-resistant PC lens provides durability
  • Anti-Fog for ultra-clear vision
  • One-way purge valve allows for easy cleaning
  • Easy to use, adjustable open heel fins grow with your little one
  • Splash Guard top designed to prevent surface water from entering the snorkel
  • Dual-composite blade is designed to deliver power and speed while conserving energy
  • Vented blades provide an easier kick and reduce fatigue
  • Easy-adjust, 3-way buckle system
  • Soft and comfortable TPR mouthpiece

Now that you have all the names for the best snorkeling and diving accessories, wondering where to buy from?

Adventure HQ is your go-to one-shop-stop solution. We have a complete backup of top-quality water accessories which will help you make the most of your adventure venture.

For years, we have been delivering snorkeling accessories in Dubai without a single compromise to excellence, quality, and exceptional customer service.

For pursuing a healthy and happy adventure venture, connect with us right away!

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