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The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Road Bike 2021

Entering the world of bikes is exciting but may get a bit overwhelming. Wondering, why? The answer to this is that the decision of choosing the best road bike is huge and can make you regret it later if it turns out to be the wrong one.

The market is all stormed with a huge range of prices and bike varieties. Even though they all have one thing in common: two wheels and drop bars, there are loads of factors to think about while looking to buy a new road bike.

Because we don’t want you to get hassled, we will walk you through the best road bikes here and tell you about features you should look at while picking a road bike.

Here is our top advice for choosing your pick of the best road bikes.

Let’s quickly dive into it.

What do you want to do with your road bike?

A key decision while picking the best road bike for yourself depends on what you have to do with the bike. For example, are you hunting for a bike that is fast for a race, or are you going to commute on it to school or job, or are you after a highly comfortable road bike for more leisurely rides?

Once you have the reason why you need a bike, your next step should be the key factors that your bike should be showcasing. Try to understand which bike type offers what, like material, position, manufacturing, and so much more.

Here’s what we mean: A full-on race bike designed for fast riding puts you in a more bent riding position, causing your head and shoulders to go lower down over the handlebar. However, the design is perfect for lowering your wind resistance, but it can be uncomfortable for beginners.

On the other hand, bikes labeled “endurance” or “sportive” may not offer speed but have a design of a more upright riding position. Again, highly comfortable but does not fit your racing goals.

Therefore, you must understand which road bike suits which adventure of yours’.

How much do you wish to spend on your bike?

The next major factor to look at while hunting for the best road bike is how much you want to spend. Yes, we are talking about your budget. You could go for a refurbished bike or a brand new bike, all up to you. Whatever it is, make sure it is a part of your initial outlay.

Said that you must be familiar that going for refurbished bikes includes the cost of replacing worn or damaged parts, any upgrades, and the service. So, make a wise choice.

While buying a new road bike, be very particular about checking the saddle, bars, specifications, electric gearing, and other components.

The specifications vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you pick the one that fits your requirements. But to get an idea, you need to look at common specifications at various investment levels.

How to get the perfect bike size?

Common but a highly critical factor to look upon while purchasing the road bike is its fit. A budget-friendly road bike that fits you perfectly is way better than an ill-fitting super-luxurious bike.

As most of the brands offer bike fit charts, therefore it is vital to just go through it and understand what fit works for you the best.

Once you choose the right size frame, you need to proceed with getting the correct height for your bike’s saddle and the handlebar for comfortable riding.

Keep in mind that saddle preference is a personal choice. However, the best road bike saddles are highly supportive and allow sufficient blood flow in all your delicate areas without getting in the way of pedaling.

Once you get a road bike that fits you perfectly, here’s a list of other factors to look for in a road bike. First, check if their specifications and material types fit your requirements or not.

  • Wheels
  • Suspension
  • Drivetrain
  • Brakes
  • Contact points

Top Recommendations in Road Bikes

CERVELO R3 Ultegra DI2 22

Are you looking for an all-rounder road bike? Then, with this CERVELO R3 Ultegra bike, you will be settling with an ideal deal. It offers great performance with value and is considered for being an all-in-one road bike. Known for providing race-winning stiffness and amateur-level lightweight performance, this makes ascending and accelerating swift and seamless.


  • Lightweight
  • Stiff carbon fiber frameset
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic groupset
  • Consistent and powerful modulated hydraulic disc brakes
  • Squoval Max tubing that enhances efficiency and stable handling
  • Highly reliable cable management system
  • Carbon Seatpost enabling optimal stiffness and compliance


If you are heading for an extended vacation, go for this road. Along with adventure trails, then Reid cycle express bike is a perfect solution for offering outstanding performance while you train or race. The bike embeds features offering long-distance comfort without much hassle. Precise control, extreme stability, high durability, and firm handling make this road bike stand out from the rest.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Endurance-optimized geometry
  • Shimano STI integrated brake and gear levers enable easy and safe control while riding at speed
  • Compact double crankset with 14-speeds for a wide, evenly spaced gear range
  • Promax alloy dual-pivot brakes offer reliable control
  • Light, fast double-wall alloy wheelset for fast rolling

TWITTER 46 CM Sniper 2.0 RS

Next on our list is this incredible creation by Twitter; TWITTER 46 CM Sniper 2.0 RS. The bike is an ideal pick for your adventure trails to the rugged regions or the smooth roads. Being a feature-rich option, the bike has got all this; excellent design, incredible value, high performance, advanced technology, and top-notch quality.


  • High-quality carbon NANO frameset
  • EPS Carbon Technology
  • Retrospect Drivetrain with carbon fiber rear derailleur
  • Comfortable and lightweight saddle for road
  • Aerodynamic frame design helps to speed up your game

KELLYS Soot 30

Whether you are just entering the biking world or a professional biker, KELLYS Soot bike is the best innovation of all time to purchase. Built with an array of outstanding features, this bike is a worthy purchase for both training and racing purposes.


  • Comfortable frame with thru-axles
  • Carbon fork provides lightness and absorbs vibration
  • TRP Spyre disc brakes accompanied by a dual-sided pads actuation ensures firm power and modulation
  • Shimano Claris drivetrain
  • Low rolling resistance offers great comfort and firm grip

TWITTER Hunter Pro

Last but not least, Twitter’s hunter pro road bike is a completely optimized road bike providing impeccable safety and performance. In addition, this road bike is embedded with an array of remarkable features that makes it a worthy purchase whether you are training or racing.


  • Lightweight aluminum alloy flat welding road car
  • Full carbon fiber road fork
  • Shimano big-name trans
  • Retrospec front and rear derailleur

Adventure HQ has been the leading platform for all the voyagers set out for climbing, biking, and other adventure trails for quite a long time. Offering world-class quality road bikes, you will find a plethora of variety showcased at Adventure HQ. We are your all-inclusive resource for the best road bikes in UAE and around the world.

For more variety, go to our biking section!

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