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Tips To Stay Energetic And Productive During Ramadan

Ramadan: a one-month-long journey of spirituality and bliss has begun!

Ramadan; the month of celebrations carried out to honour the revelation of Islam’s holy book called “Prophet Muhammad the Quran”. Muslims around the globe perform rituals like fasting and communal prayers from sunset till first light.

Every year, this month brings a new wave of cheer, prosperity, optimism, and contentment. Even in these horrific Corona times, people are all in their high spirits to celebrate this month. But it is an absolute necessity to take extra care and precautions for pursuing a healthy and happy Ramadan.

Abstaining from food and water for one full month often results in decreased energy and productivity levels. This is probably the most concerning issue we face, the absence of efficiency during Ramadan. Assuming you're an advertiser, working in online media, or into promotions, it is important to stay healthy and hydrated during Ramadan as it implies a ton of undertakings and works while fasting.

Thus, to keep up your energy tank full and let you function effectively, we have penned down a set of tips and tricks. These bunch of tricks will help you live the best form of yourself in Ramadan.

Read through to enhance your productivity as the day progresses.

Let's get started!

  • Plan Intelligently

Planning is the key to have a productive and energetic Ramadan. You need to prepare your to-do list every day and then plan your day accordingly. Make sure you don't overload yourself by piling heavy tasks daily. Be easy on yourself and plan your month wisely, keeping in mind that you are fasting. 

  • Remain hydrated

The next pro tip for remaining energetic throughout this blissful month is sipping an adequate amount of water. This means 1 - 2 full glasses of water during Iftar and approximately 2 liters during the night between Iftar and Suhoor. 

Follow body healthy and appropriate regime and make sure to drink one glass of water each hour. Instead of chugging gallons of water in a go, drink water slowly and at proper intervals. Because all it does is bloating and nothing good for your health.  

It is better to have a full backup of hydration essentials like a water bottle near you after Iftar and during prayer time. 

  • Follow the proper sleeping regime

We often screw our productivity and energy levels by altering our sleeping hours, especially in the month of Ramadan. And we know how sleeplessness can hamper our daily schedules and result in some severe ill effects during this month. For instance, body aches, fatigue and exhaustion. 

Therefore, this clarifies the significance of having a proper sleeping schedule which must be followed  devotedly. For this you can plan out in two ways. One being; either you can eat Suhoor early and take rest or you wake up to eat Suhoor and afterward return to rest. 

Likewise, you can take a quick nap during the day to assist you in reviving your energy levels, and then you are all set to turn every stone, resulting in enhanced productivity. Boost your concentration at work by getting sufficient rest. 

  • Build up an exercise regime

It's significant you stay active during Ramadan to ensure your wellbeing and right fitness levels. Giving up your exercise routine during Ramadan is not a right thing to do. Don't go for heavy workouts, but light exercises can keep you healthy and energetic throughout the month.  

You may have less energy, yet it's a decent method to keep yourself occupied and your brain involved during the fasting phase. You will be more refreshed and feel all charged up to proceed with your to-do list, and ultimately, you will turn out to be more productive. 

  • Take a break

During Ramadan, you'll need to relish each and every drop of energy you have in the tank. Therefore, a break is all you need to regain focus and get all charged up. Give a boost to your energy and productivity levels by heading for a small break, for instance going for a small walk can help you get rejuvenated and boosted up. 

It will help you in restoring your concentration by refreshing, and you will be all ready to kickstart your work. Breaks are also a great way to keep oneself calm. 

  • Eat right

If you are a foodie and food drives you crazy, plan your Suhoor and Iftar meals in a way that you have a platter that fulfills your cravings along with your body’s energy levels. 

Neither should they be too loaded with oily and heavy meals, nor should they lack any essentials of a balanced diet. Also, rather than eating ample amounts of food and end up getting lethargic, go for the balanced, nutritious, and energy-boosting supplements during Suhoor and Iftar.  

Right meals are the key to have a productive Ramadan even while fasting. 

  • Avoid caffeine

No doubt, we love our espresso and tea; but, sadly, these beverages do contain caffeine. The issue with caffeine is that it has a diuretic impact which aggravates the urge of urination which causes flushing out salt and water from our body. Caffeine triggers thirst, and you get dehydrated quicker than usual. 

Thus, it is highly imperative to avoid caffeinated drinks during this month. However, to remain hydrated for the day, how about we fix our fundamental beverages keeping water on the top of the list. 

Ensure you have a glass of cleansed water alongside sweet natural products, for example, dates to help you break your fast.

Final word

Follow these basic tips throughout the pious month of Ramadan and keep your spirits all boosted and charged up. In spite of  stressing yourself with overwork, try to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

 Celebrate this Ramadan in a much healthier, productive, and energetic way!


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