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Water Sports: How to Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)?

The popularity of stand-up paddling or SUP boarding is growing rapidly across Dubai. Taking it a step further, SUP boarding is super fun and exciting too. It also lets you experience nature's serene beauty. 

There are a lot of SUP options available online, so you might get confused about what to consider. Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

So, stay connected.

Consider the Type Of Paddle Board You Want

You need to know the different types of SUP boards in Dubai on the market before you pick the best one. There are six types of paddle boards people are most likely to use.

  • Surfing Stand Up Paddle Board
  • As the name suggests, these paddle boards are perfect if you love to spend most of your time surfing. It is a wise choice for intermediate to advanced paddlers. Action lovers go for surf SUPs. Although it is less stable and easier to fall off. So, make sure you are well experienced with SUPs.

  • Allround SUP
  • Allround is a versatile and multi-purpose board. They are best for first-time users or a beginner. These boards are common among people because they are family-friendly and even dog friendly. They are designed to work in any condition which is why they are so popular nowadays. 

  • Touring SUP
  • These SUPs are perfect for serious paddlers who have a keen interest in doing a high-intensity workout. These are designed for longer distances along with maximum glide and efficiency. 

  • High Performance or Racing SUPs
  • A perfect choice for elite and recreational racers but it can be challenging for beginners. They have long glide efficiency and fast sprinting speed due to its extra length and extra width. 

  • Yoga SUPs
  • This SUP board is designed for yoga and other fitness activities, and flat water paddling. They have ample space to do yoga and they are stable on calm waters which makes exercising more easier. 

  • Fishing SUPs
  • If you don’t want to invest in a boat or Kayak then fishing SUP is the best choice for you. This SUP is ideal for fishing lovers because it has the greatest volume, keeping you dry. It has ample room to keep fish finders, gears, and anything that you require for your adventure. 

    In order to make your search easier, let us introduce you to solid SUP boards and inflatable SUP boards!

    Solid SUP

    The solid stand-up paddle boards, or solid SUPs, are generally built of various materials like foam, fiberglass, wood, kevlar, and plastic. They provide strength and rigidity to the person standing on them. 

    Advantages of a Solid SUP: 

    • No inflammation is required, so get straight out of the water.
    • Extremely stable with strong winds and high waters.
    • Ultimate speed performance.

    Inflatable SUP

    Inflatable stand-up paddle boards or inflatable SUPs are generally made from layers of PVC plastic with woven fibers that connect the top and bottom inside the board. These are surprisingly rigid once inflated. These boards are composed of air mostly, which is why they are a little lighter in weight than solid SUPs.

    Advantages of Inflatable SUP :

    • Require minimal storage so that you can carry them in your backpacks.
    • More affordable than Solid SUPs
    • If you are traveling abroad, it can easily fit into an airline's hold allowance.

    If you are almost ready to make your decision, find out what the size and volume capacity of the SUP you are considering is before finalizing it.

    If you are looking for the best SUP board, here are some things that you should keep in mind while buying a SUP board. A board must first be able to support your weight because if it cannot expel enough water for your weight, it will result in an unstable board.

    The two most important factors affecting how stable you feel and how well the board will travel through water are the volume of the board and the weight capacity.

    The board's length, width, and thickness are determined by its volume and weight capacity. These different dimensions enable stand-up paddleboard manufacturers to achieve varying levels of performance.

    Once you are done with your decision, finding the best brand and great quality is still daunting. So, we are here to help you choose the best.

    Adventure HQ is one of the leading providers of equipment for outdoor adventures in Dubai. We are your ultimate one-stop destination for all your adventure accessories. Our list below contains the four best brands of stand-up paddle boards that you can choose from.

  • Red Paddle Co
  • If you are looking for an inflatable stand-up paddle board for your next adventure in waters, then Red Paddle Co is the right brand. They design products for all levels. So it hardly matters whether you are a newbie or an expert. This brand is right for you. The products they offer are of versatile and unrivaled quality.

  • Maui and Sons
  • Maui and Sons is a trusted and reliable brand. They design their stand-up paddle board products with high quality. In addition, they have anti-slip EVA foam pads, making them easy to transport from one place to the other. 

  • REID
  • REID offers stand-up paddle boards of high quality and at competitive prices. They are super fun and travel-friendly for everyone. With this, you can unfold, inflate, and hit the water in a matter of some minutes. 

  • Last but not least, Hobie is also one of the best brands on our list. They design the best water sports products. It offers a full spectrum of stand-up paddle boards to perform best and provide maximum water fun. 

    Our Final Take away

    So now that you have got familiar with the SUPs and the best brands that offer these,  you must be wondering where to buy them in the UAE?

    Adventure HQ is your ultimate one-stop solution for all your water sport accessory requirements in Dubai. We have a complete backup of top-quality SUPs and other water sport accessories from renowned brands. 

    We have been delivering the best products for years without compromising on our quality. 

    So, go ahead and connect with us right away for your happy adventure venture! 

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