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Make your kayak Dream into a reality

Have you thought of trying Kayaking as your next adventure activity? Once you try that you will absolutely love the idea of gliding through the water and letting the ocean swell up on one side and coming out from the other side with a raging water current. Did you feel the rush?

It is time to buy your kayak. Turn your dream into a reality and log on to the online kayak store here at Adventure HQ kayak store. We have a wide variety of options which is both fun and functional. Choose a kayak from online store that is easy to use, has superior control and most importantly you will feel proud to own.

Have You Found Your Kayak Yet?

Are you considering buying a kayak? Even before you start thinking about which type of kayak to buy, you must retrospect where and how you plan to use it or do most of your paddling. Most kayaks are used for multiple activities, but not all types are suitable for every activity.

Choosing a kayak means deciding on a lot of variables and also having to compromise some over the other. There are, however, a few guidelines to help you decide which Kayak is best for you:

  • Dimension & Speed
  • The shape of the hull
  • Single or Tandem

Head over to the online store of Adventure HQ and buy your kayak online today. We have Hobie Kayak at our store which is a brand known for its reliability, versatility, and speed for the past 20 years.

Dimension & Speed

Length and width affect speed and control to a large extent. The surface area determines the speed. If the width is less and the length is more then the shape will allow the kayak to slice through the water quickly which increases the speed considerably, but the wider kayak is much more stable and is comparatively easier to manoeuver.

The Kayak Shop at Adventure HQ online store has a wide variety of both types of kayaks that you can choose from.

The shape of the Hull

The bottom of the Kayak which is submerged underwater is known as the hull. The hull can be either U-shape or a V-shape. The U shape might seem like it is more stable but actually, V-shape encourages the kayak to go straight and cover the distance. The choice is really between you want to Tour and cover a greater distance or you are looking to spin or surf.

We at Adventure HQ encourage recreational paddling, so you can choose and buy a kayak in Dubai with a keel which will help you to travel more efficiently.

Single or Tandem

Another important decision that you will need to make about paddling solo or tandem? While you can paddle a tandem alone, it requires some balance and skill to move the kayak forward. Whereas, it's a lot of fun to go out with a partner, because it is safer and cheaper than buying two kayaks.



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