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Sleeping Accessories

Sleeping Accessories

Remember to bring your sleeping bag!

Camping is a form of recreation that brings you closer to nature. However, when you're away from the comforts of home, you have to push your limits, and there's nothing better than slipping into your sleeping bag after a long journey.

Before continuing the hike, one must rest adequately to relax both the mind and the body. Adventure HQ creates camping sleeping bags and camping beds that are comfortable and spacious, keeping you warm so you don't miss your bed while hiking.

With a few exceptions, such as sleeping bags for camping, "you get what you pay for" still holds today. Whether car camping, backpacking, or camping with kids, you don't have to spend a lot of money to acquire a comfortable and functional bag.

We've included some alternatives for starting and expert backpackers if you intend to go more than a mile down the route, sleep in colder weather, or look for a bag designed for ladies. Most hiking sleeping bags are mummy bags that hug the body tightly, trapping heat and preventing draughts. Our sleeping bags will keep you and your family warm, and our website carries the best hiking sleeping bags for sale.

Before purchasing a sleeping bag, keep the following in mind:

Before buying a sleeping bag from any place, there are a few things to consider, which we've outlined below to assist you.

  • Fit
  • Some bags are available in conventional, unisex sizing, which usually means they will suit a man. However, women's sleeping bags are often wider at the hips, smaller at the shoulders, and have more insulation at the feet. As a result, women's bags may appeal to some guys, whereas taller, slimmer women may prefer a men's or unisex alternative.

  • Temperature ratings
  • A temperature gauge is included in every sleeping bag. The Comfort level is checked because it indicates how chilly you can go before becoming cold — the lower the temperature, the better. There's also a Limit and Extreme temperature listed (or variations on these terms). Use the Comfort figure to guide the bag's limitations because everyone feels cold/hot differently.

  • Weight
  • The perfect bag is both light and warm. Also, check out how compact it is in its compression sack — can you fit it in your luggage?

  • Zips
  • Look for sleeping bags with two-way zips that run the length of the bag so you can vent your feet if necessary. To keep draughts at bay, ensure a good-sized baffle of fabric and fill below the zips.

  • Shape
  • The most common shapes for bags are rectangular and tapered 'mummy' shapes. The former has more space and can be unzipped to make a duvet; the latter is superior for heat retention due to its tighter fit.

  • Fill

You can fill sleeping bags with either down (eider, goose, or duck) or synthetic insulation (a mixture of artificial fibers). Down insulation is naturally light and provides the most acceptable warmth-to-weight ratio. It's usually made up of feathers and down; the higher the down percentage, the better it traps warm air but makes it more expensive.

Why Shop from Adventure HQ?

We would have you kitted out, appropriately linked up with people we know in the business, and better informed for your Adventure with the highest quality gear from leading international and a select few local manufacturers in Adventure HQ. Instead of freezing in the cold, bring your sleeping bags with you, and we guarantee you will receive a high-quality product. Here you will find a fantastic sleeping bag for hiking! Browse-in!



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