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AHQ Community

Now you can experience Community Rides with Adventure HQ

From casual to competitive, cycling in UAE is made possible for adults of all ages with community rides presented by Adventure HQ. Whether you are riding in a group or veteran now you can have group rides with the most enjoyment and fun.

Are you looking for a cycling community to be a part of?

This is the opportunity for you to explore the most exciting Community Bike Rides which are open to anyone looking for a group of riders to ride with our great cycling instructors in UAE. We at Adventure HQ put everything we have into making the highest quality biking experience so that cyclists can get the maximum out of it from this wonderful activity. Group rides or community rides can be an easy and fun way of getting on your bike. Many of us had our beloved bicycle as a child, yet the delight of speeding downhill or feeling the wind on our face is all too often forgotten as we get older.

Why joining Community rides is one of the best decisions you ever make?

Biking is a sociable sport, where we would want all new passionate riders to join our community rides and meet other bikers and connect with them along with having an adventure. You can have the experience of joy with group rides without paying any joining fees. One of the greatest advantages you will have while joining Adventure HQ is that you will be able to ride further and faster without any worry of injuries as all the safety precautions will be followed with the most skilled and experienced instructors in Dubai. Group rides are an essential social hub and play a very important role in developing your skills, savvy, and speed. Even if you have no plans to compete, skills and situational awareness gained from riding in a group will make you more confident in all riding environments, whether that’s riding with a few friends or riding with your family or participating in any event, or bike tour.

Some of the major benefits to joining us are:

  • Opportunity to connect with people in your community

    This social leisure ride offers you a chance to connect with people in your community. You can meet new people through these community rides, make new friends, and have all the fun and enjoyment with like-minded people.

  • 10% Discount at the stores

    Adventure HQ wants you to have the ideal experience with the comfort of affordable pricing so that you don't miss out on all the fun and adventure. Yes, join the community and get a 10% discount when you shop at our stores. This offer is not valid on bikes, kayaks, and electronics on selected merchandise

  • Exclusive Preview to Sales, Product Launches, or Events

    How great it is that along with the bike rides you can have access to the exclusive preview to sales, product launches, and events. We want you to have the best product as well as knowledge about the products with our various organized events.

  • First Free Bike Service

    In order to maintain your bike, a regular service is a must and we would likely understand that and would offer you one free bike service with your ride.

  • Complimentary Branded Merchandise

    We understand cycling is not as easy as it seems and requires effort. Adventure HQ wants you to be hydrated and fit during the ride which is why we are offering you our branded bottles so that you can have water, juices, or your energy drink whenever you want on the ride.



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