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It's The Camping Time of The Year

A good or bad camping experience depends mainly on one factor i.e packing the right camping gear.Having the essential camping items in your camping bag can bring the difference between a restful vacation in the woods and a ride to the nearest emergency room.

From camping tents to sleeping bags to cooking essentials to a first-aid kit, our camping essentials promises to give you a comfortable, convenient and safe camping experience. These items will turn your camping from good to great. So, don’t venture out from your home without packing ideal camping.

When packing the right stuff for your next camping adventure, a camping kit list would be of great help to get started.

A camping kit list should cover all the camp essentials plus some extra options to make sure you will have the best camping time. From shelter items to bedding to cooking to personal stuff, you can add or remove stuff in your camping list, depending on your camping needs. Be crystal clear about creating your camping kit list is all about making smart choices and only packing the necessary stuff.

The UAE is much more than its towering skyscrapers. Exploring beautiful camping sites defines the real beauty of camping in the UAE. Also, the smell of a campfire, the view of stars, and sleeping inside the tents gives you a whole new experience than living inside five-star hotels.

UAE provides the perfect terrains and exotic locations to enjoy a variety of camping expeditions. You will be spoiled by choices from difficult and challenging sites to those of breezy and aesthetic appeal. Explore the best sites in UAE and create the best camping memories!

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It’s Time To Head For Camping Gateways!

What is the best time to go camping?

The best time to go on a camping trip is in summer, when days are longer. Moreover, you can also plan your camping trips when the weather is alluring and the nights are chilly.

What is camping season?

Camping season is defined as the season to head for camping gateways. This season typically runs from April/May to September/October. It is always a better idea to plan your camping trip in between these months as the weather is fantastic.

How long should you camp for?

Ideally, a camping trip should last for 1-2 days. However, some people can extend their camping trip for 3-4 days. Also, some people love to spare a week to enjoy the beauty of the woods. Though, the duration of your camping trip depends purely on your choice.

Is camping allowed in the UAE now?

With the pandemic restrictions easing away, it looks like you can head outdoors finally. Though you can go camping in the UAE, you have to follow all COVID related norms.
Moreover, a permit may not be required for short camping trips. But if you wish to camp for a longer duration, then it is permitted only in areas of Wadi Al Ameri, Wadi Al Shabak, Al Warqa, and Al Khawaneej in Dubai.



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