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Energy Bars

Camping Essentials For Beginners

For most urban dwellers – the urge to take out a day from their busy schedules and getting out of the city to camp amidst nature’s full glory can seize the imagination at any time, and during such moments of contemplation, there should be no road blocks that stump your flow of energy and present the activity as a cumbersome task.

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How To Choose Energy Bars/ Gels?

There are a wide array of high-energy bars, gels, and drinks marketed to consumers these days, which are designed to promote and sustain energy and provide essential nutrients that may be lost during strenuous physical activities.

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Camping Checklist: Things To Carry When You Go Camping

Camping is a great way to get outdoors with your family and friends or even enjoy some solitude by engaging with nature by yourself.

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Hiking Checklist

Heading out for a day hike can be a delightful way to explore nature with your friends and family, or even in the solitude of yourself. Whether you feel the urge to venture deep into the mountains or simply cover hiking spots closer to home, there are several places to explore.

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Get to know your stand up paddle

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a water sport/activity that has water sports enthusiast talking about across the globe. If you ever dreamed about surfing but thought it was out of your league well this could be your answer. Being in the sea, lake, river or a dam there is something about being in the water that brings a level of calmness let’s face it water attracts.

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How to choose a kayak

Within the seven emirates of the UAE, you can find several amazing outdoor activities you can easily engage in. Be it a trip to the beach to get a tan or participate in a triathlon or if you are really into adventure you can readily attempt the number of adventurous activities this part of the world has to offer such as Kayaking.

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Top cycling locations locally and globally

Al Quadra Cycling track is a popular destination among Dubai’s local cyclists. The track distance varies from 35km to 180km, boasting amazing views of the desert where riders may even catch a glimpse of some local wildlife.

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Five Maintenance Checks You Should Do On Your Road Bike Before Every Bike Ride.

So, you’re not a pro cyclist yet but, here is how to give your bike a professional check before each ride to prevent major problems from occurring. This way you can imagine yourself as the next infamous cycling legend Eddy Merckx.

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Get to know your cycling gear

Being the cycling expert at Adventure HQ, here are a few tips on how to choose the right biking essentials.

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Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is probably the most versatile form of cycling that has progressed onto a level if not that is on par with road cycling.You can use a mountain bike for family fun rides right up to traversing any type of terrain out there.

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Best outdoor locations for the ultimate adventure

I have been present in the UAE primarily in undoubtably my favorite city Dubai that has truly become home.This goes all without saying coming in from a country where adventure and camping was the name of the game. g

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Measuring gait choosing the right running shoe

Whether you're a running newbie or a marathoner, this could make a huge difference in your training

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Road Running

Thinking about running? Don’t think about it - just do it. And to start you off here’s a guide on how to run, what to wear and what to eat. On your marks, get set, go!

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This is for those who have never done a triathlon – or perhaps haven’t done one in a long, long while. Below are probably the most critical items to having a successful first race and getting there in one piece.

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