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BBB Easybase 2.0 Trekking Pedals

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The Easybase 2.0 is a simple but very comfortable pedal. This pedal is durable and lightweight due to it is a one piece body. The anti slip surface keeps your feet on the pedals and makes sure you can transfer your power into speed. The reflection side give you the safety you need and make you visible for other people on the road.


  • Durable and lightweight one-piece body
  • Large anti-slip surface with sandpaper.
  • Comfortable with sandals and heels.
  • Dual built-in reflectors for extra visibility.
  • Maintenance free DU bearings.
One-piece body

One-piece body

The one-piece body gives this pedal its lightweigth and durable specifications

Anti-slip surface

Anti-slip surface

The surface of the pedal is finished with sandpaper and anti-slip structure to prevent your foot to slip off.



Comfortable to use with flat soled shoes, but as well with sandals and heels.



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