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QM SPORTS CARE Qm9-After Sports Wash

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    The perfect wash lotion to quickly clean and refresh the whole body straight after activity. Before showering, first remove QM2 or QM3 hot creams with QM9. Use on body without dilution, dilute on the face with water.

    • Pleasant, refreshing lotion that quickly cleans the skin without the use of soap.
    • Indispensable product immediately after the arrival of a competition or training and belongs in every backpack of the sports carer.
    • After the finish, quickly refresh the athlete, wash or remove the sweat before going to the podium, the press conference or making a transfer home or to the hotel.
    • For the face, we recommend diluting it with a little water.


    • First wash the body quickly with this lotion if you have used QM3 Extra Hot Cream during sports or training. This way you avoid an unpleasant, burning sensation on the skin when showering.
    • Very handy product for quickly refreshing yourself between different sports disciplines, qualifications or training, where an extensive shower is not necessary.
    • Perfect for decathlon & heptathlon athletic disciplines, track cycling and other competitions with small rest breaks.
    • In the backpack on a long hike or mountain trip to refresh or for a quick hand or body wash when water is not available.

    Volume :
    450ml bottle

    Safety :
    Don't rub the eyes
    External use

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