Weber  Master Touch

Weber Master Touch

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The ritual of charcoal barbecuing meets the innovative features, convenience, and overall wow factor of the Master-Touch charcoal barbecue. The Gourmet BBQ System cooking grates allow you to take charcoal barbecuing to a completely new level of culinary adventure and fun, where you can cook breakfast, simmer chilli or soups, and prepare a perfectly cooked pizza outside, in the comfort of your garden. Along with the Tuck-Away lid holder and One-Touch cleaning system for added convenience, the Master-Touch charcoal barbecue brings charcoal barbecuing to everyday life. The One-Touch Cleaning System with a deep ash catcher makes disposing of spent ash hassle free, while integrated tool hooks ensure you'll always have your barbecue tools close at hand. Invented by Weber’s founder and loved around the world, the iconic kettle continues to be the barbecue made for everyone.Bowl and Lid: Every Weber charcoal barbecue is made with a baked-on porcelain-enamel coated steel bowl and lid. This is important because it means it will never peel or flake. The reflective surface provides convection cooking, so that the heat radiates around the food much like an indoor oven providing you with even cooking results.Dampers and Vents: A big factor in charcoal barbecuing is air. The more air that you allow into the barbecue, the hotter the internal temperature will be until the fuel has been maximized. During cooking, you can control the internal barbecue temperature by easily adjusting the lid and bowl dampers. To ensure a high internal barbecue temperature for direct method cooking, be sure that the bowl and lid vents are fully open. If your intention is to cook indirectly at lower temperatures, you can close the lid and bowl dampers as much as halfway. Closing the dampers completely will cut off oxygen flow and will eventually extinguish the coals. Cooking Grate: Made of heavy-duty plated steel, the cooking grate provides ample area to make all of your favorite meals. Charcoal Grate:The charcoal grate has what it takes to withstand the heat of any charcoal fire. Made of heavy-duty steel, this durable grate will not warp or burn through. Additionally, it gives you enough space for direct or indirect cooking, providing you with the flexibility to cook the way you want. One-Touch Cleaning System: The One-Touch cleaning system makes clean- up hassle free. As you move the handle back and forth, the three blades in the bowl move ash from the bottom of the barbecue into the ash catcher. These same vents act as a bowl damper, to help bring oxygen up to the fire or to allow you to easily extinguish the fire. Key Features: Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid, A durable, built-in lid thermometer allows you to easily monitor your barbecue’s temperature, Tuck-Away lid holder: This lid holder allows you to easily move your lid to the side to check your meal or to add charcoal Gourmet BBQ System: The heavy-duty plated steel cooking grate of ø 57 cm. diameter is equipped with a special centre area that is removable. This feature is designed to allow you to easily add special GBS (Gourmet BBQ System) cooking inserts such as a sear grate, poultry roaster, pizza stone, etc. (all sold separately). Each option provides you with endless opportunities to try new recipes,The hinged cooking grate has areas on both sides that lift up to allow you to easily add fuel, Grill Bracket: The iGRILL bracket provides a magnetic surface to place your iGRILL Mini or iGRILL 2 (each sold separately) while in use, as well as storage for up to 4 probes. Remove the iGRILL bracket when not in use,The curved handles of the cooking grate allow it to hang from the side of the bowl,1 Rust-resistant aluminium lid damper on lid with touch point. The lid damper touch point diffuses heat from the lid damper for increased comfort, Durable all-weather wheels, Higher grilling position due to taller legs and wheels,2 Glass-reinforced nylon handles, the side handle has an integrated tool holder, One-Touch cleaning system and ash pan makes emptying ash quick and simple, Heavy-duty steel charcoal grate, Smoke settings: The new shape of the bowl vents allows the perfect amount of airflow for smoking and low temperature barbecuing, The fully enclosed high capacity ash catcher keeps ashes from blowing around and easily detaches for quick and clean ash removal, Briquette measuring cup,2 Charcoal and Briquette holders, Spring clip/push pin leg assembly, Size: 107 x 65 x 72 cm. (H) x (W) x (D)

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