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Travel after COVID, essentials you must carry along with you

What a rollercoaster has been 2020! A year that marked the beginning of a new era called the "contactless era". 

Remaining isolated, practicing social distancing, and nations going under severe lockdown became the new normal. It had been one heck of a bad dream that the entire world lived together and is still bearing its consequences. 

With restrictions getting alleviated and people heading out for traveling, it is highly critical to be cautious. Planning accordingly and taking all the precautionary steps while traveling is essential as one says, "it is better to be safe than to be sorry".

Another change that came with Covid-19 is that it has altered your camping checklist and hiking checklist by making certain new additions. Helping you figure out the new camping and hiking checklist, we have penned down every essential thing that you must carry along while traveling.

Read through to be safe while traveling!

  • Face masks 

Face masks top the travel essentials' list in this new normal. The current situation is self-evident enough to state the importance of wearing masks whenever or wherever you head. 

Since they have become an absolute necessity, the market is all stormed with a variety of face masks that include an N-95 face mask, a reusable face cover, or you can even make your fabric veil at home by utilizing any towel or scarf.  

So, whenever you head on adventure outings like camping or hiking, make sure to pack the best face masks as the foremost item. If you want protection against viral germs and microorganisms, don't skip on carrying a face mask. 

  • Hand sanitizers 

The next fundamental thing in your camping or hiking backpack is a hand sanitizer. Even though the world is inclined towards practicing contactless everything, we often mistakenly touch surfaces that we should not. 

Thus, it is highly imperative to have a complete backup of hand sanitizers as washing hands may not be possible everywhere during your adventure trail. 

  • Hand gloves 

Hand gloves are an impeccable way to secure your hands. They are great at offering extra insurance for your hands. Even if you accidentally come in contact with unknown surfaces, your hand gloves help shield your hands from germs and different microbes. 

Note: While you remove the gloves, ensure that you eliminate them from one hand first. For the second, make sure you just use the tips of your hand while removing. Don't skip washing your hands thoroughly after removing the gloves. 

  • Sanitizer wipes

These detergent-based cleaning agents or sanitizer wipes can help clean different surfaces that you may need to contact. For instance, during your camping or hiking expedition, you may come in contact with several unknown hikers and campers. 

Thus, in such cases, you can utilize these sanitizing wipes to clean the contacted portions of your camping essentials like your camping tent, backpack, or cookware sets. They have been proven to be highly useful for cleaning all your other camping essentials as well.

Note: Make a point to regularly sanitize your camping tent, camping cookware sets, backpack, and all other essentials, even if you have come in contact with anyone or not.  

  • Carry your food

Ever since coronavirus came into existence, consuming food from streets or dine outs has not been feasible in terms of one’s health and well-being. Therefore, it has become more critical than ever to carry your food while you head out for traveling. 

Said that camping and hiking were always known for letting you discover the hidden cook inside you. All you need is having a handful of all the essential camping cookware sets, and you are all set to cook your safe food free of any viruses. 

  • Filtered water 

Just the way carrying your food while camping or hiking trails guarantees safety; having your filtered water helps you cut down the risk factor of catching an infection. Taking your own hydration packs, water bottles, and a freezer would be an intelligent choice. Else you may get stranded out there amid wild searching for filtered water. 

  • Hygiene essentials 

Cleanliness has become a legit requirement in this Covid-era. Thus, it is critical to have a complete backup of all the hygiene essentials like towels, handy washbasin, toiletry bag, toilet tissue, and all the requirements. 

  • First-aid kit 

Carrying the first-aid kit to your adventure trails was always a necessity. However, with the manifestation of Covid-19, some additions like a thermometer and an oximeter have been made to the first-aid kit. 

Along with this, you must be very thorough with the fundamental indications of COVID-19 that incorporate fever, fatigue, loss of smell, and sore throat. Preparing yourself beforehand will guarantee legitimate protection against the virus and help dodge the spread of any disease. 

Adventure HQ - Your Adventure Partner

People head for vacations to enjoy the freedom from the daily hustle and stress of life. But with Covid-19, constraints have made traveling way more complicated and strenuous. 

However, cautious planning and packing can be a way to maximize your enjoyment during travel plans. Being your true adventure travel partner, we recommend you to only step out only after evaluating the current situation, else postpone your plans. Also, make sure you pack all the above essentials keeping your safety at priority. 

Be safe, be cautious to fight off this heinous virus!

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