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Best Triathlon Equipments - Everything you Need to Know

Triathlon; A sport with three simple disciplines—you swim, you bike, you run.

But to accomplish this simple yet thrilling sport, you need a few key pieces of equipment that will get you from the start line to the finish line in the least time comfortably. If you think you have to break the bank to get from point A to point B as shown at races-all those lightweight things and carbon fiber stuff-you don't have to, yes.

To rule out the worry of which triathlon equipment you should stuff in your backpack and which you should put in the trash, we have listed all the bare triathlon essentials. You must have them to pursue your training and race day.

Ready to learn what you need to accomplish triathlon competition? Check out our complete beginner's guide.


Duh! Triathlon without a bike, not possible. Right? So, the first thing you need is to pick the right bike for your adventure. For those just getting into the sport, having hands over a beach cruiser or mountain bike would be sufficient.

However, if the triathlon bug bites you, then you must have a more appropriate bike, maybe those with clip-on aero bars. But if it does not bother you, then any bike will do.

Whatever you opt for, go through these ultimate guides of choosing the best road bike or best mountain bike.

Flat kit bag

Gotta have this equipment installed underneath your bike's saddle, holding all your essentials intact. You can stock all the bike repairing essentials in case you experience a flat tire. This will include a mini-pump, a tube, and tire levers. Having flat tires or other bike issues is inevitable, so be prepared.


A protective gear that should not be skipped at any stake. Find something that offers comfort and ventilation; else, you may not be able to focus on riding. Here's a quick sneak peek into our two favorite helmets that you can opt for your triathlon adventure:

LAZER Bullet Helmet

LAZER Bullet Helmet is narrow-shaped and closed-shell helmet is aerodynamic with an Airslide system that offers sufficient ventilation.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Measure your heart rate
  • Inclination Sensor to monitor your head position on the bike

LAZER Century Helmet

Featuring 100 years of technology, this creation showcases the perfect balance between aerodynamics and ventilation. Additionally, LAZER Century Helmet has been designed with a cap twist so you can switch from full ventilation to aero seamlessly.


  • Integrated, rechargeable LED boosts
  • Turn fit system adjusting vertically and horizontally for comfort
  • Internal ventilation channels
  • In-mold ABS construction


Talking about goggles, you must carry two pairs of swim goggles; one clear or light tint and a smoke-tinted pair. Ensure you have one for your water experience and the others that act as sunglasses to protect yourself from the Sun.

Just before you buy them, make sure they fit. Also, while picking water goggles go for the mask style that is less claustrophobic than traditional goggles.

You can get a variety of colors and types in goggles at Adventure HQ. However, we have picked two best for your comfortable ride.

And while hitting the waters, you can carry the following goggles:

Digital tracker

Next on this list, you need to pick up a digital tracker that will aid you in enhancing your performance. You can compare your times from that first event and see how much progress you have made.

You can even track several other health metrics with a quality tracker. A quality sports tracker allows you to split timing, that is, separate your swim, bike, and run times as components of your overall time.

Wanna know which top trackers have gained popularity in 2021? Check out this list of best trackers.


This is one item that you surely want to keep handy on your race day so that you can give your best performance. A swimming wetsuit resembles a full-body floatie that helps you stay leveled on the water and as well, protect you from the chilling water as well.

HORRIYEH Modesty Swimsuit

HORRIYEH Swimsuit, a perfect pick for all the women athletes who prefer a full-body covering wetsuit without compromising comfort.


  • Maximum protection against the Sun
  • Elastomax fabric that dries quickly
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Subtle patterns on the body

Men can go a bit comfy while hitting the waters and wear shorts. Our top choices in shorts are

You can pick the Coega Y Boys Rg Ss upper or the RIP CURL Men's Icon Corp Tee with shorts.

Biking shoes

Next up on the list are your riding shoes. If you want the ball to fall in your court, be very wise while choosing the biking shoes. The right ones will help you maximize your performance, and one wrong choice can shatter your dream of winning the triathlon.

LAKE Men's Shoe MX168 Enduro

LAKE Men’s shoe, an incredible option to stop your hunt! These cycling shoes by Lake are embedded with exceptional features making them a perfect choice for all discerning male cycling enthusiasts.

You can paddle aggressively wearing these biking shoes for hours without feeling any discomfort.


  • Microfibre upper
  • A roomy toe-box
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Ultra bomb-proof rubber
  • Enduro sole
  • Includes dual hook loop straps
  • Easily replaceable lacing system

SCOTT MTB Team Boa Lady Shoes

For all the female cyclists, we have picked these impeccable shoes created by Scott. They are highly lightweight and just perfect for racing enthusiasts like you. Supreme stiffness accompanied by comfort stands to be the key highlight for all the performance-inclined riders.


  • BOA IP1 fit system that enables a micro-adjustable performance fit
  • Ergologic adjustable insole combined with cleat adjustment
  • A stable platform that maximizes the performance providing all-day comfort

Tri suit

To conquer the triathlon win, you must have to ace the skill of getting from start to finish in the least amount of time. And this, my friend, ain't as easy as writing it. Tri suit includes tonnes of changing from bike shorts into running shorts, and it eats a lot of time.

So, to cut down this hassle; you can go for a tri suit. Comprising quick-drying fabric, they'll help you get out with flying colors from swim to bike to run much more swiftly.


A choice that all men can make happily! This new ZEROD Tri Suit is loaded with incredible features that give high performance and high speed. All of these features notably improve aerodynamic efficiency without compromising comfort.


  • Made of water wear weapon fabric (highly water repellent and ultra-fast drying power)
  • Dry-Tech Mesh in the back and underarms to keep the skin dry
  • Anatomically shaped panels
  • Sublimated ultra-light and elastic fabric

2XU Women's Compression Sleeveless Trisuit

For female athletes, we have the masterpiece designed by 2XU Women’s Trisuit. Featuring the perfect ventilation and cooling specifications, this tri suit effectively overcomes the challenges of long-course racing. In addition, the Compression Trisuit offers superior muscle heat-beating technology, stabilization, and unrivaled aerodynamics.


  • Ergonomically engineered paneling
  • Powerful, lightweight PWX VENT lower body
  • Quadriceps Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS)
  • Premium Italian SBR VENT upper body
  • Low profile Pro LD chamois
  • Easily accessible rear pockets

Other triathlon essentials

Along with the above equipment, you must carry these to have a comfortable and safe triathlon competition:

  • Running hat

Obviously, you don't want to have a sunburn under the scorching heat of the Sun, so carry a hat for protection. Along with protecting your pate from the Sun, it benefits in keeping the Sun out of your eyes, allowing you to pursue your run or ride comfortably.

  • Race belt

Don't forget to buy a race belt if you want your official team members to keep track of you. Clip your race number on this elastic belt, and strap it once you begin your biking. Once done and you head for the run, turn the belt around to make your race number face forward.

  • Hydration packs

You have to consistently hydrate yourself while riding your bike if you need that energy and strength to give your best shot. Right? Running, swimming and biking can only be persuaded with full enthusiasm if you are hydrated throughout the journey.

Besides having a complete backup of hydration packs, you must carry some hydration and health supplements. You can go for hydration tabs, energy gels, and other boosters.

For anything and everything that helps you win the tri-sport, we have a variety of triathlon equipment to explore. Just pick the ones that will help you make a memorable win in this sport.

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