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Different Types of Kayaks for Adventure Lovers

Kayaking: A perfect watersport that fulfills your thirst for adventure quotient!

Kayaking is not just a watersport anymore; the more you do, the more you want. Know what kayakers say? They quote that, "no kayaking is too much kayaking". This activity becomes way more interesting as you can enjoy it anywhere and everywhere, be it river, sea or lake.

Also, the complete serenity that one experiences while paddling through the canopied waterways to explore islands or secluded beaches is a must-have bucket-list thing.

As the surge in kayaking popularity continues to explode, people are inclined to become pro-kayakers and learn the activities that one can enjoy in a kayak.

However, the trick or the basics remain the same: having extensive knowledge regarding the differences between the types of kayaks available. The journey of kayaking from a "let's try once to a lifetime activity" only tends to occur if you choose the right kayak for this adventure venture.

So, it all boils down to one factor: finding one kayak that matches up with your preferred activity.

Here's what you need to know about the different types of kayaks. Read through with us!

Before we get into a comprehensive description of types of kayaks, let's learn what kind of seating arrangement these types offer. Here's the rundown through them:

  • Sit-on-top kayaks

If you are just entering the world of kayaking, sit-on-top kayaks should be your go-to option. They are highly comfortable and seamless to manage. Having the built that is entirely safe and stable for longer paddling, you can quickly get in or out of these kayaks whenever required.

When you plan kayaking in warm water, sit-on-top kayaks just make it so easy. However, they won't be the wise choice in cold water.

  • Sit-inside kayaks

For those heading to covering longer distances while paddling, go for this type as it fits the best. As a beginner, you may feel skeptical about the kayak, but there is nothing more comfortable and easier to manage than this kayak once you get the hang of it.

Now that you have become familiar with the difference between sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks let's break them down further into various types of kayaks you get to choose from.

However, before that, try to introspect yourself by asking the following questions:

  • How am I planning to use the kayak?
  • What kind of water and condition will I be paddling in?
  • What will be the duration of my kayaking journey?

Once you have answers, it will get easy to determine which type of kayak will suit you the best. So, let's jump into knowing every kind of kayak and the specific purpose it serves.

  • Recreational kayaks

Are you planning on the leisurely kayaking adventure, or are you entering the world of kayaks? In any case, a recreational kayak should be your go-to choice. These kayaks are a perfect fit for paddling over a calm sea, river, or lake. They exhibit a design that effectively provides stability, maneuverability and is easy to use.

  • Touring kayaks

Is it true that you are searching for something more daring that brings an adrenaline rush in waters or out in the sea? Consider searching for a touring kayak. They are designed to go in a straight line, and on the grounds that they are generally longer, they are highly efficient against the rough climate and water. They are intended for long outings and offer more comfort, like overhauled seats, footpegs, and greater storage space.

  • Fishing kayaks

The next type of kayak you will come across is made only for fishing that comes with exceptional storage compartments. Several models include built-in rod holders, fishing supply bags, and other additional capacities that a fisherman would require. One significant advantage of fishing kayaks is that they are made to be more steady, so you can bear to stand on them to project or inspect at the water and underneath the surface.

Choosing a fishing kayak may become daunting; here's a list of things to keep in mind while choosing a fishing kayak.

  • Tandem Kayaks

Why kayak alone when you can bring a friend and you two can enjoy paddling through the glittery waterways. A tandem kayak includes a seating arrangement for more than one person. It also offers you more space if you want to bring along a child or a furry friend. However, don't forget to put on a lifejacket.

Best kayaks of 2021

HOBIE Kayak Mirage Outback 2021

HOBIE Kayak Mirage Outback 2021 perfect kayak for beginners! Designed to offer an array of features, the kayak is a single-seater embedded with advanced technology allowing easy loading and unloading. Extra room and greater comfort are its selling features.


  • Dual steering
  • MirageDrive 180 accompanied by ST turbo kick up fins
  • Includes front and center hatches
  • EVA standing floor results in cushioned floor and sound dampening
  • Vantage CTW wider seat

HOBIE Mirage Compass 12" 2021 Kayak

The next kayak that made it to our list is this amazingly portable, highly comfortable, and lightweight kayak. Known for being probably the best in existence, HOBIE Mirage Compass Kayak is a true partner for beginners.

In addition to this, the kayak offers superior storage and is embedded with an array of exceptional features making it a worthy purchase.


  • MirageDrive 180 and kick up fins
  • Incredible hull performance
  • Highly optimal seating design
  • Includes sail and bimini mount
  • Includes accessory-ready H-track system

HOBIE Kayak Mirage Pro Angler

It adheres to being a valuable and performance booster. Curbing through every water constraint, HOBIE Kayaks Mirage Pro Angler allows you to spin and move in the water effortlessly.


  • Mirage 360 Drive tech accompanied by ST Turbo kick up fins
  • Horizontal rod storage
  • Pivoting tackle management system
  • An H-rail for rods and accessories
  • Front and center hatches
  • Guardian retractable transducer shield

EASTMAN Jalboot 6

Perfect purchase for fishing getaways! Being a single-seater, EASTMAN Jalboot Kayak is designed to offer years of durability, safety, reliability, and convenience. You can paddle and paddle hours without letting any obstacle hamper your journey. The kayak is fully backed up with rich features that make kayaking a worthy experience for adventurous souls.


  • 1 X paddle keeper
  • 1 X drain Plug promises
  • 6 X Scupper plug
  • 4 X handles
  • 1 X motor bracket holder
  • 2 X 9" dia hatch
  • 1 X large rear storage bay with bungee cord
  • 4 X flush rod holders

HOBIE Kayak Mirage Pro Angler 14 360 2021

Hereby, our list ends with this amazing kayak that offers maximum performance potential. Exhibiting a fully-loaded fishing machine, the HOBIE Kayak Mirage Pro Angler kayak is a wise pick for those looking for storage space and comfort.


  • Mirage 360 Drive tech accompanied by ST Turbo kickup fins
  • Front and center hatches
  • Has horizontal rod storage
  • Includes sail and bimini mount
  • Vantage with BOA lumbar support
  • It consists of an H-rail for accessories and rods

Picking the right kayak for you: Adventure HQ

The journey of learning about the types of kayaks comes to an end, and we hope till now you must have chosen which kayak will suit the best for you. So, what are you waiting for now? Get ready to buy the best kayak in Dubai and head for the most memorable adventure venture of life.

For every kayaking adventure of yours', we assist you with our customer-tailored solutions. So, if kayaking entices you and you want to enter the world of kayaks., connect with us and get the best kayak to paddle and paddle.

Once you've found your perfect kayak, you're well on your way to make the most of these good times!

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