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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best Fishing Kayak

"Adventure is out there. You just have to kayak to it."

Yes, if you seek thrill accompanied by solitude, then my fellow friend, pick a kayak and row with the flow. Over the years, kayaking has gained immense popularity around the globe. It is an activity that lets us enjoy the glittery stretch of water getting amidst the beautiful lap of nature while gliding in a kayak. 

And it becomes way more exciting when we paddle a kayak to do some fishing. What a perfect way to spend your weekends! Someone has rightly said, "the more, the merrier". Fishing while kayaking sounds enticing, isn't it? However, all the enjoyment and adventure of kayaking and fishing boils down to one factor: how to choose the best fishing kayak?

Letting you accomplish this adventure from your bucket list safely and soundly, we have penned down a handy guide disclosing all the things you must keep in mind while buying a fishing kayak. 

Here's what you need. Read through to make a worthy purchase!

  • Decide the type of kayak

  •  A kayak is a small and slim boat designed optimally to sail through rough and smooth water waves. While buying fishing kayaks, you will come across a galore of varieties, which you have to cut short to simplify your choices. You will find kayaks that can either accommodate one or two people.

    Next, you must determine to either go with:

    • Sit-on-top
    The sit-on-top kayaks are shallow and feature seating where you have to sit on the kayak while paddling. These types of kayaks are the best fit for beginners, as they are highly comfortable and easier to manage. They feature safety and stability for longer paddling. Getting in or out of the kayak is not troublesome while paddling ,
    • Sit-inside kayaks

    The sit-inside kayaks have an in-built seating area that is deeper. So, when you are thinking of paddling for longer distances through paddling, pick this type. However, this type is not a great choice when you plan on fishing while kayaking. They may get flipped, and recovering them becomes troublesome. 

    So, we would recommend going for a sit-on-top kayak, especially when fishing inspired you to buy a kayak. 

  • Know your body type

  • Try to attend a kayak demo day, or you may opt for paddling in several kayaks to determine your optimal comfort fit. 

    Here's what you must check:

    • Legroom
    • The adjustability of the seat with a slight bend in your knees
    • Nestle your back into the seat to ensure its comfort 
    • Seat elevation
    • Does water splash into the kayak?
  • Check the stability

  • Stability is another highly critical factor in gauging around while buying a fishing kayak. Give the fact that while fishing, you may need to twist and turn to catch the fish, your kayak must not be "tippy." Also, you may stand up while fishing; thus, look for a kayak that offers exceptional stability. 

    Here's a quick tip: Avoid a V-shaped hull since these kayaks can tip easily.

    Go for the longer kayaks that let you can sail through the water smoothly, unlike the broad and short kayaks that get tossed around waves. Therefore, choose the right width and hull type for having stability and safety.

  • Look for kayak storage

  • Pick a fishing kayak that embeds an ample amount of storage for keeping your kayaking essentials and other accessories. And where are you going to keep all your hooked fish? So, you need space. Buy a kayak that offers storage without affecting transportability. Storage for fish doesn't mean that it becomes strenuous to carry the kayak to the shore. 

    Quick recommendations in fishing kayaks

    Tested and verified, we have picked the top 5 best fishing kayaks for being your adventure partners. They are:

    HOBIE Kayak Mirage Outback 2021 

    Our list begins with this exceptional one-seater kayak known to have a top-class design and excellent build. HOBIE Kayak Mirage Outback 2021 is embedded with an array of outstanding features making it the best of the rest. High durability and reliability are its key hinging features. 


    • Mirage drive 180, accompanied by the glide technology enabling an efficient and smooth ride for two 
    • The cockpit features ergonomic and comfortable seating
    • Sleek waterline 
    • Kick-up rudder system
    • Highly responsive
    • Easy to steer
    • Four integrated H-tracks for accessory mounting

    EASTMAN Jalboot 6C

    EASTMAN Jalboot 6C, a fishing kayak attested by professional kayakers, makes it another great choice. It is incredibly lightweight, reliable, and durable. The features showcased by this kayak are definitely worth stopping for and buying. 


    • UV Resistant
    • Aluminum frame seat
    • Flush rod holders
    • Motor bracket holder
    • Drain Plug
    • Scupper plug
    • Large rear storage bay with a bungee cord

    HOBIE Mirage Revolution 16

    Stability and power are the key features embedded in this perfect creation by HOBIE Mirage Revolution 16. Having a plethora of features, the kayak definitely deserved a place in our top five. 


    • Twist and stow rudder
    • Covered bow hatch
    • Sail and bimini mount
    • Highly adjustable and comfortable Vantage Ct seat
    • Mirage drive 180 enables incredible speed and reversing power
    • Fishing rod holders
    • Kick up fins technology 

    HOBIE Mirage Compass 12" 2021 Kayak 

    What an exceptional creation by Hobie's! Having been known for transforming the kayak experience, HOBIE Mirage Compass 12" 2021 Kayak is a perfect fishing kayak that lets you fly at an exceptionally high speed. 


    • Highly lightweight board
    • Supreme durability
    • Carefree kick-up rudder
    • Handlebars with adjustable height
    • Gear tie-downs
    • Bow handle 

    HOBIE Kayak Mirage Pro Angler 12

    Another perfect fit for a fishing kayak that makes your kayaking journey seamless and incredible is HOBIE Kayak Mirage Pro Angler 12. Highly safe and featuring an array of spectacular specifications, the kayak can never be a disappointment in the long run. 


    • MirageDrive 360 
    • Kick-Up fins allow you to paddle through the water fighting all constraints
    • Six-rod holders
    • Highly adjustable, comfortable, and elevated Vantage ST seat
    • Extra-wide hull and stain-resistant EVA padding
    • Easy move, revere, and spin in every direction

    Being your adventure partner for life, Adventure HQ houses all these amazing fishing kayaks and has a variety more to scroll. 

    For more choices and shopping for the best kayaking and fishing accessories, visit our platform and pick the best. 

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