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Top 5 Cycling Places in Dubai for the Adventurous

Dubai might not seem the ideal destination for cycling holidays, but contrary to widely held beliefs, this desert city has much to offer in terms of fitness. Whether you are interested in recreational cycling trails or competitive training paths, Dubai has something for everyone. 

The benefits of cycling in Dubai are not solely about being physically fit and healthy, but it is also extremely fun to discover a part of a city with a group of like-minded individuals. Cycling has always been the perfect way for Dubai residents to learn about the ever-changing city, from converted camel tracks to safe-cycling autodromes. 

October through May, you can cycle here thanks to the city's varied terrain and state-of-the-art cycling tracks. Explore these 5 routes.

Best Places for Cycling in Dubai

Dubai can be a challenging place to find the best cycling routes, but it is even more crucial to wear cycling shoes to stay protected. 

When it comes to safe cycling in Dubai, you have various choices like having good cycling shoes, from dedicated outdoor cycling trails for competitive training to recreational paths. Read on for more information.

  • AL Qudra cycling track 
  • Couldn’t find the perfect cycling track? No worries, Al Qudra is not just a popular yet safest cycling place in Dubai, it has two paved paths located deep in the desert dunes and are sure to satisfy your cycling and fitness needs. This route is not just an ordinary one but the must choose perfect for any cyclist who enjoys riding outdoors while taking in breathtaking views of Al Qudra Lake.

    Bikers can choose between an 18-kilometer path or a 50-kilometer path that leads up to the Bab Al Shams Resort, where they can refresh themselves.

    As you approach the entry to Al Qudra Cycle Track - Car Park, you immediately know the landmark entrance from which to begin your journey. Getting disappointed for not owning the cycle, no worries you can get one at an affordable rate at Adventure HQ. 

    • It is located in the Al Qudra Lakes region. 
    • Google Maps allows you to easily locate the starting point, which is accessible by car
    • Free and open 24 hours a day
  • Nad al sheba cycle park 
  • Not convinced? Want to explore more?  The next best cycling spot can be the Nad Al Sheba cycle path, situated near the Meydan Racecourse, is considered among the exceptional cycling places in Dubai. 

    When making the lists of cycling places in Dubai you cannot miss out on this one. Earlier it was known as the camel track but has been turned into an entirely amazing cycling route catering to meet your cycling needs consisting of a cycling train of four, six, and eight km loops. 

    Besides that, there is also a separate bicycle path so that your children can enjoy their happy time there. 

    There's something even more impressive and attractive about this destination; it has incredible lighting all around the course, along with markings, street signs, and speed bumps, making it one of the safest yet most professional cycling routes in Dubai.

    Location: Meydan Road 

    Open 24 hours, free for all

  • Al warqa’a jogging and cycling track 
  • When it comes to your cycling and fitness you can’t miss out on the other popular yet best cycling route in Dubai, located at Al Warqa'a Third Park. It is a destination that you should not miss once you have visited it.

    This is not just a usual cycling Park; it comes with modern amenities and facilities not just for you but also for your family and kids, including a dedicated playground and a wide football pitch and green landscaping. 

    At this cycling route, the bikers can enjoy the free-flowing 3.5 km long cycle track that doesn’t involve any oncoming traffic and other tackles which may give rise to uncertain instances.

    Located at Al Warqa'a Third Park 

    Opening hours are 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

  • Dubai autodrome
  • If you are a part time or a full time biker, then this place is the one stop solution for you. Jokes apart! This is actually a great place for sports car racing, but it definitely gives some time of enjoyment to the bikers. 

    You may be wondering when you can enjoy biking at this beautiful destination. Every Wednesday, this cycling Park opens the doors for bikers to show their biking skills within the track of the 2.5 km circuit. 

    Additionally, Dubai Autodrome is one of the best places for beginners to go cycling in Dubai or for those coming back to the sport after a long absence. 

    You may be thinking that it is such a popular place so you need to book them in advance then don’t worry it’s nothing like that you don’t require prior reservation. Just bring your bike and gear and get ready to enjoy three hours of cycling.

    Location: Club Circuit at the Dubai Autodrome in Dubai Motor City

    Every Wednesday from 06:00 to 9:00 pm 

  • Jumeirah cycling track
  • If you are looking for a shorter and better cycling route in Dubai, you cannot overlook the Jumeirah Beach Bike path. This gives you great experience in a short route and you won’t be disappointed having enjoyed its environment and feel of nature. Here you will get a 2km path running along the sandy coast to admire the spectacular Burj Al Arab while riding against the ocean breeze.

    Location: Jumeirah Beach 

    Open to all 

    What are other things associated with cycling in Dubai? 

    Other things are essential when it comes to riding a bike in Dubai.  

    Buying the cycle 

    When deciding upon the perfect place to hide a bicycle in Dubai, one of the essential aspects is to purchase the right bike that doesn’t slip while driving. With AHQ now, it is much easier than before to get the perfect bike that helps you explore places and gives you a comfortable ride. They provide a wide range of options from various bikes based on your expectations and needs. 

    Know the rules

    According to the biking norms, it is illegal to cycle in Metro stations and on pedestrian bridges in Dubai. If you want to ride your bicycle on bridges, you will have to push it and fold it to transport it.

    If an adult does not accompany cyclists under the age of 12, they are not permitted to ride on the roadways. They must wear protective helmets and reflective clothing.

    "Cyclists should ride along the designated cycle paths and not in the opposite direction. "Double headsets should not be used while riding."

    A maximum of 20 people are allowed per group.

    Final thoughts!

    Getting fit through cycling is a fun and rewarding sport. At AHQ, we are a one stop shop for all your adventure needs and we always aim to deliver you the top quality Cycling accessories Dubai. The cycling accessories we deal in are not for temporary purposes but you can use it continually at your every ride as we always offer the best we can. Do not wait much, quickly reach us and choose your best helping hand in cycling. 

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