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AQUA SPHERE Kid's Baby Swim Seat - Bright Green

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The swim seat, for Level One “Splashers”, is a wonderful way to have your little one in the water with you, but not clinging to you, so that she builds confidence in the water. Our swim seat has a unique catamaran shape and side air chambers to provide extra stability. Our design allows for a low and stable body position in the water so she can start to experience buoyancy. The low position also facilitates easy face-to-face interaction with you.


  • Buoyancy aid for child‘s first in water experience
  • Unique catamaran shape
  • Side air chambers provides stability
  • Low and stable body position in the water
  • Easy to assemble inflatable canopy
  • Designed to allow more intimate parental interaction with child
  • EN13138-3 type A tested and certified
  • Target age: Up to 2 years or 33lbs

The Michael Phelps Swim Method products are intended to be used for training young children to swim. They are not toys! The products are buoyant aids to be used during swimming instruction and are to be used only under constant supervision.

The Michael Phelps Swim Method products are not lifesaving devices, will not keep the wearer’s face above water, nor will they protect against drowning. Do not leave the child unattended at any time. Maintain constant contact when required.

Read the Instructions For Use and Warning notices included with each product carefully and completely before use. Ensure that the products are suitable for the child’s weight and age category. Do not use and immediately discard if a product is damaged.



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