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COGHLAN Padlock - Adjustable | Re-Settable Combination | Die Cast Body With Three-Tumbler Lock

AED 27
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Re-settable combination padlock, useful for bags, tents, luggage, lockers.

From the family camper to the outdoor adventurer - camp cooking, fire starting, mosquito protection, first aid, compasses, rope & cord, storage, repair, rain, and more. We have you covered to make the most of your experience.


  • Die cast body with three-tumbler lock allows you to easily set or change your combination
  • Helps protect bags, tents, luggage, tackle boxes, lockers, and more
  • Affordable, essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, international travel, and more


  • Step 1: Leave dials at the opening combination (0-0-0-) and pull out shackle
  • Step 2: Turn shackle 90º and press shackle down as far as it will go
  • Step 3: Holding shackle down, set the dials to your own combination
  • Step 4: Release shackle and return to a regular position. Your lock will now open using your personal combination


Material Heavy Duty Material
Weight 55 g
Product Dimensions 6 x 2 x 1 cm
Pack Dimensions 1.6 x 15.9 x 7.3 cm


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