Led Lenser Seo5 Grey Head Lamps, Lighting

Led Lenser Seo5 Grey

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Power and versatility in one package! The SEO 5 shines bright with 180 lumens on high a red LED for preserving night vision and a high end power white LED with flash function and a swiveling head that ensures you'll have light where you want it when you want it. The Advanced Focus SystemT allows for a close up spot or a wider beam making the SEO 5 a flexible lightweight and technology centered headlamp for any sport hobby or job. LED: 1 x high end power LED (white) 1 x high end LED (red) Lumens: 180 (white)/20 (red) Beam distance: 130m (white)/40m (red) Burn time: 7h (white)/25h (red) Focus: advanced system with speed focus (spot/flood) On/Off: push button Energy tank: 4.05Wh Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries (included) IPX rating: 6 Technical data: ANSI FL1. Features - 3x high end power LED (white) 1 x high end power LED (red) Glare free red light Advanced focus system Smart light technology (smart LED protection) 2 light colours: white (general)/red (night vis

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