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Xtm Merino Top

AED 309


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Exploit the benefits of XTM Merino – effective thermal insulation and high-breathability – and wear this versatile piece for adventures from winter through summer. This midweight Merino outfit covers a very wide temperature range. It is thick enough to protect you in seriously cold weather, but not too thick for the warmer months of the year. The hallmark, one-layer interlock knit boosts elasticity, helping retain a snug fit. The 20-micron yarn, in combination with the 230 gram/m2 weight, creates a very breathable, yet solid, thermal layer. It will keep you warm- even in sub-zero temperatures- as a single layer under a jacket, but it’s just as efficient in warmer climates, when it offsets temperature swings and keeps sweat at bay. The simple design means usage is not limited to sports. You can wear it for various other occasions, such as outdoor work, fishing, running errands around town, or just sitting on your deck



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