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5 Best Kayaks To Buy Online For Water Sports

Any travel getaway is incomplete without a touch of adventure. It's the same, as is food for a living, so is adventure for travelers. One such is kayaking that has become a people's popular choice among watersports. For those who crave adventure and adrenaline rush, we bet you kayaking is your cup of tea.

Imagine yourself gliding in a kayak, enjoying the glassy stretch of water at speeds, getting thrilled with the battling waves, and exploring the beautiful lap of nature. But, wait! Don't you need to have a top-quality kayak to feed this adventurous memory in your travel diaries? So, now you must be wondering which kayak will be the most appropriate so that you can fulfill this adventure on your bucket list. 

Here's what you need! We have penned down a handy guide disclosing the top 5 kayaks to buy online for experiencing the best while you plan for water sports. Read through and make the best purchase!

Before we dive into finding out the top 5 kayaks to buy online, you need to know what kayak means. A kayak refers to a small and slim boat that can accommodate one passenger at a time. However, depending on the size, you will find kayaks that can easily carry 2 or 3 people. Also, while you purchase a kayak, you need to know that there are two types of Kayaks 

  • Sit-on-top
  • Sit-in kayaks

The sit-on-top kayaks mean you have to sit on the kayak while paddling as they are shallow, whereas in case of sit-in kayaks you have the space to sit in properly because they are deeper. 

Now let's get into the exciting part: which 5 kayaks have made their way to this list. 

EASTMAN Jalboot 1

Eastman Jalboot 1 is known for being a popular people's choice for carrying their fishing and other paddling activities for several hours. If you crave to experience little of everything, then this kayak is your partner to fulfill such endeavors. 

It is a single-seater kayak that is embedded with an array of incredible and versatile features. The aluminium frame seat and it's resistance to UV make it a great investment option for adventure lovers. 

Get to know what additional features are present in Eastman Jalboot 1 that make it a worthy purchase:

  • 1 X Paddle keeper
  • 1 X Gear pedal system
  • 1 X Aluminum frame seat
  • 2 X side handles
  • 2 X Front and rear and handles
  • 3 X flush mount rod holders
  • 2 X hatch covers
  • 6 X scupper with plugs
  • 1 X Rudder system
  • 2 X fish finder mounting bar
  • 1 X Big rear storage with bungee cord

EASTMAN Jalboot 6

If you are planning out to experience fishing, then Eastman Jalboot 6 is your kayak partner. Being a single-seater, it is designed to offer greater comfort and safety. You can seamlessly paddle for several hours on this kayak without any obstacle hampering your journey. 

The kayak is fully backed up with rich features that make it highly safe and a worthy experience for adventurous souls. 

Having made an aluminium frame seat and being UV resistant, the kayak promises years of durability, safety, reliability, and convenience. 

Have a look at the additional features of Eastman Jalboot 6 that make it a perfect fit for your watersports expedition:

  • 1 X paddle keeper
  • 1 X drain Plug promises 
  • 6 X Scupper plug
  • 4 X flush rod holders
  • 4 X handles
  • 1 X motor bracket holder
  • 2 X 9" dia hatch
  • 1 X large rear storage bay with bungee cord

EASTMAN Jalboot 8

EASTMAN Jalboot 8 is a masterpiece in kayaks that becomes your partner for the recreational watersport you planned. It is a one-seater, sit-in kayak backed up with a galore of incredible features. 

The kayak is known for promising fun, safety, and stability during your adventurous getaway. Its long term durability makes it the best choice as you can cover long distances safely with EASTMAN Jalboot 8 kayak. 

Here's a set of additional features that helped this kayak make its way to this list:

  • UV resistant
  • 1 Swivel Fishing Rod Holder
  • Flush mount rod holders
  • 1 side bungee paddle keeper
  • 6 scupper with plugs,
  • 2 integrated side handles
  • 2 Front /rear and handles
  • Ample rear storage with bungee cord

HOBIE Mirage Passport 12.0 2020 Kayak 

Hobie Mirage Passport kayak is a rich-featured kayak that made the third position on our list. Being embedded with top-notch properties, the kayak is a perfect fit that lets you paddle countless miles safely and comfortably. 

This 12-feet kayak can accommodate one person and has a plethora of versatile features that include:

  • Mirage drive with glide technology and kick up fins
  • Breathable mesh seat 
  • EVA padded standing platform 
  • Fishfinder ready
  • Steering system with stowable rudder, accessory tracks, two fishing rod holders, and under-seat and gunnel tackle storage
  • Bow storage with bungee

EASTMAN Jalboot 4

Eastman Jalboot 4 is another impeccable kayak optimized for stability and safety that deserves to be on this list. If you are a family of three that includes two adults and one child, this kayak would be the best fit for you.

Along with the spacious legroom, you get two molded storage boxes for each seat. The top-quality aluminum framework used in building the kayak promises longer durability and reliability. 

Also, here's a list of features that make Eastman Jalboot 4 a worthy purchase for enjoying the watersports to the fullest:

  • UV resistant 
  • Front and rear molded handles
  • 1 X drain plug
  • 8 X Scuppers with Plugs
  • 1 x 8 twist hatch
  • 2 X side plastic handles

Choose AdventureHQ For Best Kayaks 

If you plan on buying any of the above top five kayaks, Adventure HQ is your place to land upon. We are the foremost platform with the best in-house kayaks, which are reliable, durable, comfortable, and of top-notch quality. 

Decades of excellence and dedication in customer service has helped us remain ahead of the curve. We strive hard to make your purchase journey seamless and user-friendly from the start of selection until your purchase. 

So, buy the best kayaks and kayaking accessories from your one-stop solution, Adventure HQ. 

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