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5 Exciting Reasons Buying A Kayak As The Smartest Investment

Are you all set to have fun Kayaking in Dubai? It will offer you a more personal way to explore nature’s beauty if you’re in UAE. With Kayaking, you can explore great outdoors that might not be accessible without a watercraft. 

 A kayaking trip can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, as well as a great way to exercise your upper body. Also, it can help you forget about the troubles that you have been facing and let you relax. 

But, before we mention the reasons, we want you to know that Kayak boats are not a short-term investment. So, if you buy Kayak, remember it is not some high-priced thing that will get obsolete in a year or two. Your investment will yield a positive return to rival even high-yield bonds or blue-chip stocks. 

The kayak is not just a great investment, it also yields immeasurable benefits that no financial advisor could ever hope to offer.

You won't break the bank kayaking, but you'll have a whole bunch of exhilarating experiences.

 So now, get ready to dive into those fantastic five!! 

  • Mini Adventure in a Couple of Hours
  • Want to go for an adventurous ride but cannot take off from work? Well, worry no more. Kayaking can give you a sudden adrenaline rush in a couple of hours.

    But where will you go?

    There is something amazing about adventure activities. Enjoy the journey without thinking about the destination!!  

    So, you don't have to decide anything until you are in the water. Go upstream, downstream, across the lake, or along the shore. Just enjoy.  

  • Learn New Things
  • Kayaking is a versatile water sport. It helps you to learn new things. Are you interested in learning new things? Yes? Then get on a Kayak, now. 

    You will get to learn:

    • Paddling techniques that you can transfer to other paddle sports
    • Water safety
    • How water traffic operates and rules (Sneak-peek: they are not that different from driving on roads)
    • About the wildlife around you or in the water
    • Fishing while Kayaking 
  • Every Trip is Different
  • Let us tell you something cliche but true, your every paddling session will be different, and you will experience something new on your every trip. 

    Sometimes the weather will be sunnier, cloudier, or rainier. Or the water will be clear, or still. Or the light will be dull, bright, or neutral. Also, you can choose between dusk and dawn.

    Somedays, you might find rare bird species, or the other day you might find rare marine animal species. It all depends on how lucky you are on a particular day. 

  • A Great Sport For Upper Body Workout
  • For starters, kayaking is a sport, and like all sports, it will do your body good. This may be obvious to many of you, but it's always good to remember that sitting in the boat does not mean lazing around.

    A great deal of muscle work is involved in kayaking. Starting with the paddles, they will work the shoulders, biceps, and triceps, as well as the upper body muscles involving your trunk and pelvis as well. This means you'll also work your pecs, abs, and back.

    Furthermore, certain thigh muscles will also be worked. Likewise, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. To keep your mind healthy, nothing better than getting out in the middle of nature, or changing your pace and rediscovering your surroundings.

  • Go Kayaking Alone Or Get Yourself a Company
  • Kayaking can be as social as you want or as lonesome as you wish. But that all depends on the person's mood. If you are tired and want to relax peacefully. Go Kayaking alone. But if you want to have fun and laugh your heart out on the waters. Go with your close friend.

    But if you don't want to feel like being with humans, take your fur buddy along with you. Yes, dogs going on Kayaking is popular, and it's fun too. 

    Types of Equipment You Require

    Before heading out for an aquatic adventure, you must equip yourself with the right gear. For such an exciting and adventurous sport, you need a few pieces of equipment, including: 

    • A kayak to seat the appropriate number of people
    • One double-sided paddle per person
    • A life vest or other flotation device
    • Spray skirt (optional, to keep your lower body dry)
    • Water bottle

    Our Final Say

    Lastly, kayaking does not require a large investment of money. This is a nautical hobby that is affordable for everyone, no matter what their budget is. For really good quality kayaks, you just have to invest three figures.

    At the same time, the equipment, for kayaking, is quite simple. It does not require investing in sails or fittings.

    Finally, a kayak requires little maintenance. Just rinse it and make good use of it so that it offers you beautiful navigations for a long time. 

    Adventure HQ, one of the leading stores for all water sport accessories in UAE. We have a wide selection of kayaks for sale in our Buy Kayaking boats collection.

    Visit our website and browse through our exclusive collection.  

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