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How To Choose the Best Mountain Bike for you?

Are you new to mountain biking or a road rider seeking the thrills of hitting the dirt and going off-road?

If yes, then this comprehensive guide is for you and has got everything you need.

With this, we just made it handy for you; what to look for when it comes to finding the right and the best mountain bike. Check out our top tips on how to choose the best mountain bike and get trail-ready. Also, have a sneak peek at the top picks of 2021 in mountain bikes.

Let's get started!

Get the right size

To begin with, hunting for the correct frame size is the crucial factor and everything else is secondary. You need to be very particular while choosing the size because you won't be able to have a comfortable bike ride without it.

However, for this, you need not rely on standard sizes. Said that we mean every brand has its size chart, so be thorough with each one. Instead of assuming that each brand's small, medium and large size is the same, look at their size chart. Just keep in mind there's no standardized definition of what, for instance, constitutes large.

To ensure that your mountain bike is the perfect fit for you, look for the reach (distance from the saddle to the bars) and stack (distance from the center of the crank to mid-head tube) measurements. A long front triangle puts the axle further ahead helps with climbing by keeping your front wheel planted.

Understanding suspension and wheel sizes

There are various tech specs and features of mountain bikes; you need to be particular about. Two of the major ones are suspension and wheel sizes.


You'll come across three types of suspension on mountain bikes and choose the one which adheres to all your requirements:

  • Full suspension: A front fork and rear suspension.
  • Pros: It effectively absorbs a ton of bumps and shocks while you are riding over rough terrain. While climbing, you can lock out the suspension to avoid losing precious energy.
  • Cons: Rear suspension leads to extra weight.
  • Hardtail: A front fork and no rear suspension.
  • Pros: It is perfect for climbing, and with it, you feel more lightweight than full suspension. Highly pocket-friendly and easier to maintain.
  • Cons: It makes the ride rough, or you will need to do a lot of walking when the terrain gets gnarly.
  • Rigid: No suspension at all. This is usually seen on fat bikes as their huge tires float over rugged ground and power over roots and rocks.
  • Pros: maintenance is effortless.
  • Cons: no suspension to absorb bumps.

    Wheel size

    The next key factor to be very particular about is wheel size. Talking about the wheel size, the primary thing is determining how you like the way the wheels feel underneath you. Thus, read the wheel size and then confirm from an experienced rider which one will fit your requirement.

    Sizes of wheels include:

    • 26in. Wheels: The most common size in the old days, but now these have become obsolete for mountain biking.
    • Pros: These are highly lightweight yet strong and quick to keep you moving.
    • Cons: Don't roll quite easily over rocky and rugged terrains.
    • 29in. Wheels: These wheels have changed the wheel world after decades of 26in.
    • Pros: Have greater solid traction because more area of the tire touches the ground. They have a great ability to power over obstacles across the trail.
    • Cons: They are the heaviest of all three wheel sizes. A little less nimble to maneuver and to start rolling. Not fit for short-height riders.
    • 27.5in. Wheels: Also referred to as 650b wheels, this wheel size hits the scene after 29ers.
    • Pros: The size effectively combines responsiveness with agility around corners to offer speed.
    • Cons: Compared to 29ers, less area of the wheel touches the ground, which leads to less traction. Also, they are not capable of pulling over trail obstacles.

    Budget check

    Once you have shortlisted a set of bikes by walking through their details, cut it down more based on the budget. Pick the ones that are pocket-friendly and adhere to all your requirements. However, make sure you don't get tricked into purchasing something very lavish but of zero quality. So, be a wise chooser.

    Essential gear for mountain biking

    Once you have picked a bike that adheres to your checklist, your next move should be to set aside some budget for a few essentials. Here we are talking about the mountain biking essentials and accessories that will help you make the most of your biking trails.

    Things that should accompany you other than your bike are pedals, a bike helmet, a hydration pack, health supplements, and a few basic bike repair items.

    Check out what to wear mountain biking and the protective mountain biking gear checklist.

    Best mountain bikes of 2021

    MONGOOSE Men's 27.5 TYAX Comp

    MONGOOSE Men’s Bike, it has everything a rider needs to start while riding tough climbs and winding switchbacks. Designed with four-component spec levels, the bike is very easy to ride. The impeccable design of this mountain trail bike is what makes it a worthy purchase.


    • Aluminum frame with replaceable hanger leading to high-durability
    • Available in 29", 27.5" and 24" wheel options
    • Mechanical disc brakes
    • Shimano rear derailleur
    • Sun race 9-speed drivetrain

    KELLYS Whip 30 Bike Medium

      Another very wise choice to make in 2021 is KELLYS Whip Bike. If you are entering the mountain biking world. It is a part of this year's bucket list. It optimally enhances mountain trail capability and safety; this mountain bike will be your faithful partner throughout the trail and beyond.


      • Frame made of aluminum alloy, making it a highly lightweight and durable mountain bike
      • Mechanical disc brake provides complete stability and control over the bike
      • Hydraulic fork with lockout
      • 26″ aluminum frame hardtail dirt jump

      ZYKLUS Neon 07

        "Another example of perfection", as said by the professional riders about ZYKLUS mountain bike. Embedded with multiple exceptional features, this mountain bike is a one-piece molding technology that lets the rider uncover new possibilities during mountain biking. In addition, this incredible bike has successfully cleared the vibration test 100,000 times, ensuring maximum functionality and safety.


        • One-piece aluminum frame that has passed the strict quality control test with JIS
        • Suspension fork
        • Shimano TZ 7 speed gear
        • Robust disc brakes

        SCOTT 2021 Contessa Jr 24

        The next mountain bike that has got all the hearts in 2021 is this classic creation by Scott. Known for being highly trendy yet comfortable, Scott 2021 Contessa Jr 24 is all about exceptional features.


        • Contessa 24 Jr Alloy Frame
        • V-Brake
        • SR Suntour XCT-JR 24 Fork
        • Shimano Tourney 8 Speed rear derailleur
        • Shimano shifter
        • Kenda Booster

        TWITTER 27.5" 3700 Pro

          Last on our list is this perfectly finished mountain trek bike by Twitter. Hands down the best bike of 2021 that adheres to every requirement, including perfect service, premium quality, high durability, reliability, and impeccable design. All this together makes the bike safe and comfortable.


          • High-quality aluminum alloy frame
          • Undergone the world's top T4/T7 heat treatment technology
          • Accessories include seat post, front wheel, rear wheel, standard safety reflector for handlebar
          • Retrospec rear derailleur
          • TW comfortable and lightweight saddle

          Adventure HQ - your one-stop-shop solution

          Mountain biking is an idyllic retreat for every adventurous soul. But to pursue this adventure, you must have hands-on the right mountain bike and appropriate biking accessories.

          Having years of experience in this industry, our platform has provided the best in-house best bikes in Dubai, UAE, and worldwide that adhere to excellent quality, finish, and reliability. 

          Want to own the best bike? Connect with Adventure HQ right away!

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