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Ultimate Guide on Kayak: Find The Right Boat For You

 Kayaking is the best way to reach a scenic beachside campground, quietly exploring an estuary, enjoying breathtaking views, watching the clear blue sky and finding peace on waters. 

Trust us, when you enter the world of kayaking, there is no turning back. But you do need a perfect kayak to turn this enthralling adventure into reality. 

So the prospect of owning your Kayak sounds exciting, right! 

No doubt, browsing through so many different models of all shapes and sizes can make you feel a bit overwhelming, to say the least.  

But, don’t worry, we are here to help you sort through the basics so that you can buy the best Kayak for your next kayaking adventure.


 Let’s get started! 

Choosing the type of Kayak 

All kayaks come basically in two types; sit-on-top kayaks, or sit-inside kayaks. Though, which one is best for you? 

This depends mainly on your paddling style, the water's conditions, or your personal preference. Both kayaks come with certain features and are designed to give you the ultimate kayaking experience. 

  • Sit-on-top kayaks: For beginners, the sit-on-top kayaks would be your ideal choice. These kayaks are designed to provide complete protection while paddling longer distances. You can rapidly get in and out of these kayaks. 
  • Sit-inside Kayaks: When you are planning to cover longer distances, sit-inside kayaks would be your best choice. These kayaks are designed with a seat and are easy to maneuver. Also, they offer low-center gravity so that you can paddle efficiently. 

Choosing a kayak based on its purpose

After you choose the type of Kayak, the next important question would be; what will you use your Kayak for the most and for what specific purpose?

Recreational, folding, touring, inflatable kayaks exist for a reason - based on the purpose of your kayaking and what you want the Kayak to do. You can choose the Kayak as per your intended purpose. 

  • Recreational Kayaks: These kayaks are suitable for all skill levels and are ideal for casual, short trips in calm waters.
  • Touring Kayaks: As the name implies, the kayaks are best-suited for long-day trips and long-distance traveling.
  • Folding Kayaks: The foldable structure of these kayaks are perfect for adventurers, campers or hikers who like to move on as much as possible.
  • Inflatable Kayaks: These sturdy and versatile boats are good for flowing waters. These kayaks occupy less space and are easy to carry. 

Choosing Kayak as per water type 

Though, boats are not categorized by the location or water type, it is helpful to think about which environment or waterway you plan to explore before you choose your boat:

  • Lakes: For most calm lakes and flatwater paddling, it’s ideal to choose sit-inside or sit-on-top kayaks for your better comfort and safety.
  • Oceans and Bays: These environments tend to catch more winds and have rough waters. A touring kayak would be an ideal choice because of its extra length, better buoyancy and added safety.
  • Rivers: Kayaking on a river is easier in a stable kayak. Though, depending on the length of your kayaking period, you should consider a sit-on-top or sit-inside kayak. 

Kayaking alone or with a partner

When choosing the right Kayak for you, it’s essential to consider whether you are kayaking solo or with a partner?

Some people generally prefer kayaking as a solo hobby. In that case, a single person kayak would be your best choice. However, some people like to kayak with a partner. In that case, it is ideal to buy a tandem kayak.

With tandem kayaks, you can easily take your partner on a kayaking adventure. 


Picking the right material 

Kayaks are generally made of different materials, so it would be wise to consider the material type while buying the best Kayak online. 

However, most commercial kayaks are made from plastic and composite materials. Plastic kayaks tend to be durable and are good for beginners. Additionally, kayaks are made of fiberglass, making them lightweight and easy to carry.

However, carbon fiber kayaks are the strongest of all. Kayaks made from this material are durable, making them ideal for keen paddlers who prefer to paddle on a regular basis.

Picking the right size

You can’t go wrong with the size of your Kayak. Larger kayaks are generally faster and can hold more gear, due to their size. 

Also, wider hulls are more stable and roomy but require more force to get going. On the other hand, narrow hulls are faster and easier to roll. Moreover, the length and the width of the cockpit also matters. 

Also, you should be able to comfortably get into the Kayak without having to wiggle and without scraping your knees. 

Picking the Right Kayak For You

If kayaking piques your interest, you should consider buying the best kayak online. Browse our collection of Hobie Kayaks designed to offer an array of features to the kayakers. 

These kayaks are known to be highly comfortable, lightweight, and can easily handle all kinds of water constraints. Made with advanced technology, our Hobie Kayaks give the advantage of easy loading and unloading and offer better paddling performance on waters.

You can spin and move in the water effortlessly. Also, these kayaks are a wise pick for those looking for ample storage space and added safety during kayaking adventures. 

Check out our collection of Hobie Kayaks and choose the best one according to your choice and kayaking needs! 

Buy the Best Kayak Online 

Adventure HQ has been your most trusted Kayaking partner for years. We are the one-stop Kayak store in UAE to buy the best Kayaks.

Browse our categories of Kayaks that cater to all your kayaking needs and promise to offer one-of-a-kind kayaking adventures.

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